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Why lockdowns are the best thing to happen to your skin!: Seize the day with ASI Professional Peels at home.

You know that saying?... when life gives you lemons, go ahead and make lemonade.  It’s that old, famous proverb meant to inspire us to turn a rather negative situation into a positive outlook.

Well, when it comes to your skin… it seems that this whole citrusy situation of constant lockdowns and stay-at-home orders may be the best thing that’s ever happened to your skin!

Why? I hear you say.  Well, the best thing about lockdowns is that your skin can finally get a break from the daily barrage of make-up, dirty air pollution, city fumes and stressful work meetings featuring endless supplies of dehydrating caffeine.  Think of lockdown as a shmancy nudist holiday for your skin - a chance for your skin to let loose and have a clothes free holiday while enjoying some...‘ahem’... self indulging.

Taking it all off during lockdown with ASI @home Professional Peels:

Carpe Diem, darlings…  make the most out of your time at home by taking the opportunity to hit the reset button on your skin with ASI range of targeted ProPeels. 

Using a custom blend of AHA and BHA Hydroxy Acids, ASI’s clever formulations work with the skin to gently but efficiently dissolve the cement like secretions that bind dead skin build up on the surface of the skin.

These professional strength peels encourage a natural sloughing off of dead skin build up, as opposed to the physical removal you would get from using facial scrubs or harsher peels.  And, unlike physical peels that exfoliate without giving back, the ASI ProPeels are all about respecting the skin’s surface… not annihilating it.  

The ingredients communicate with the skin on a cellular level, telling the skin to ‘act’ younger by encouraging lots of new baby skin cells to push their way to the surface, while feeding the skin with the nutrients and hydration it needs to look healthy and gorgeous.

These peels are gentle but powerful!  While your skin will feel instantly smooth and fresh, even after just one treatment, you can go ahead and do them on the weekly for a supercharged skin routine.

Best of all… there are three ASI @home ProPeels to choose from, including SensitiveAnti-Aging, and  Mature Skin… that can be used to address a whole bunch of skin concerns… including acne!  Click on the links to check out my blogs on each and get the 101 on how ProPeels individually work on transforming your skin’s natural metabolic process.

Choosing your perfect ASI @home Professional Peel

Remember, these peels can pack a punch, so it’s important to make sure you choose the best ASI ProPeel formulation and strength for your skin type!

Jump on to and do the cyber chat thing with their online virtual beauty advisor; she’s totally a real person… I’ve seen her!  

You’ll get the perfect ProPeel for your skin sent straight to your door, so you can DIY whenever you want, lockdown or not… clothing optional (wink).

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