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    How to protect your skin from pollution?

    Dull skin and clogged pores are everyone’s nightmare, and with the pollution levels high in the city, there’s only more trouble in store for our skin.  The polluted air makes it hard for the skin to breathe, leaving it irritated, dehydrated, and worsening existing conditions such as redness; ros... View Post
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    New Year, New Skin

    The start of a brand new year, January is the perfect time to make some skincare resolutions. While you may have fitness challenges, saving goals, and healthy eating habits on the brain, why not switch things up in the skin care department, too?  Your skin deserves all the love and attention it... View Post
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    Your 3 favourite products of 2019!

    1 - Rejuvenating Foaming Cleanser Get rid of the micellar water and the cotton wool!  The n°1 selling product in-store and online (we swear it’s true) is our ASI Rejuvenating Foaming Cleanser which makes removing your make-up and deep cleansing your skin super simple and helps every skin type, ... View Post