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    Get your best ever skin with this one Vitamin!

    YOUR BEST SKIN EVER? There’s a new super skin Vitamin in town! Vitamin B3 is vital for illuminating skin and improving the skin’s immune function i.e. it looks better and is a lot better at protecting itself!   The low down: Highly active Niacinamide (the fancy name for Vitamin B3) stimulates mi... View Post
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    The art of Masking - for your skin type

    ASI's Product Developer and Trainer, Chelsea Wonka, shares with us why she loves the Purifying Hydration Mask and recommends how to use according to your skin type. 'Purifying Hydration Mask is a very unique mask with many amazing benefits. It has the ability to detoxify, hydrate and brighten ... View Post
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    A facelift in just 20 minutes!

    They call it immortal for a reason. The Dermal Face Lift Mask was specifically developed to combat aging.This mask dramatically reduces the visible signs of aging on the entire face and ensures 24 hour lasting hydration. An instant wrinkle filling, rejuvenating and plumping effect is provided by ... View Post