The Hydroxy Glow:  Skin rejuvenation with ASI’s Mature Skin Peel

The Hydroxy Glow: Skin rejuvenation with ASI’s Mature Skin Peel

We love our sunburnt country… that’s for sure.  Hot beachy summers and mild, clear skied winters means Australians can enjoy an active outdoor lifestyle in year round sunshine.  But unfortunately, that comes at a cost to your skin; with a Monash University led study finding that Australian women are ageing 20 years faster than our US and European counterparts.

“Our proximity to the equator, the high sun exposure and generally clear atmospheric conditions mean that in Australia we experience higher levels of UV radiation which puts us at particular risk of photo-ageing” explained Associate Professor Greg Goodman of Monash University.

However, photo-ageing is not just limited to the usual wrinkles and pigmented sun-damage we normally associate with an aged skin.  Vascular disorders such as telangiectasia (also known as spider veins or broken capillaries) and poikiloderma (a mix of pigmentation, white spots and telangiectasia, usually found on the neck and décolletage) as well as a loss of facial volume leading to sagging skin are also a result of our sun-seeking lifestyle.

 ASI Mature Pro Peel with 10% Glycolic and 10% Lactic Acid:

ASI’s Pro Peel for mature skins is formulated with a combination 10% Glycolic and 10% Lactic Acids to gently but effectively remove dead skin build up and instantly brighten and smooth the skin’s surface.

Derived from sugarcane, Glycolic Acid’s small molecular size and high water solubility means that it has fast and effective skin penetrating capabilities making it a powerful ally in the fight against wrinkles, scarring and other sun related skin conditions such as actinic keratosis... those scaly skin patches usually found around the hairline and forehead.

Glycolic Acid also works as a tyrosinase inhibitor meaning that it can suppress the over production of melanin triggered by sun exposure, helping to both reduce and prevent hyperpigmentation.

On the flip side, Lactic Acid’s large molecular structure means that it is slow to penetrate into the skin, sidestepping the initial shock reaction caused by other acids.  Being less irritating makes it the perfect choice for a sensitive skin and being a proven skin conditioner, Lactic Acid boosts the skin’s Hyaluronic Acid levels, increasing hydration and strengthening the skin’s natural protective barrier. 

This combination of Glycolic and Lactic acids has a dual effect on the skin by acting at both an epidermal (skin surface) and dermal (deeper layers) level; stimulating the entire skin cell cycle to encouraging collagen and elastin production, improving tone, elasticity, thickness and hydration.

ASI Mature Skin Pro Peel at home:

To include the ASI Mature Pro Peel into your nighttime routine…

Start by double cleansing your skin to remove any make-up and/or break down facial oil build-up.  Try ASI Radiant Cream Cleanser & ASI Rejuvenating Foaming Cleanser for a perfect squeaky clean skin prep.

After thoroughly rinsing off any cleanser residue, make sure to pat your skin dry before applying the Mature Skin Pro Peel.  Go ahead and apply in a thin layer to the entire face, making sure to avoid getting too close under the eye.

You might feel some tingling… and that’s perfectly fine.  The Mature Skin Pro Peel can be left on the skin anywhere from 2-5 minutes.  It will depend on how your skin tolerates it so keep an eye on your skin the first few applications and you’ll be able to slowly increase the timing each time you use it.

Once your time is up you will need to cleanse the peel away with the neutralising solution provided in your kit and then finish with your usual serums and moisturiser.  Try ASI’s Pure Hydration Concentrate to flood your skin with plumping hyaluronic acid then seal that in with the Rejuvenating Night Treatment or R3 to relieve, repair and restore if your skin is feeling a little peppery.

ASI Mature Skin Pro Peel in Clinic:

If you prefer a side-serve of relaxation with your peel then head on into your favourite Brazilian Beauty clinic and let one of the skilled skin therapists do all the work for you.  The Mature Skin Pro Peel can be performed in clinic as a stand-alone treatment or is included as part of the Advanced Skin Resurfacing facial which also incorporates Microdermabrasion for power packed exfoliating treatment like no other.

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