The Hydroxy Glow:  next level your skin care routine with ASI’s YOUTHFUL PRO PEEL

The Hydroxy Glow: next level your skin care routine with ASI’s YOUTHFUL PRO PEEL

If you have read part 1 of my blog series The Hydroxy Glow then you already have a behind the scenes understanding of how an ageing skin leads to dead skin build-up and how incorporating Hydroxy Acids into your skin care routine not only works to unglue and exfoliate away that build-up but in doing so encourages your skin ‘act younger’ by  literally speeding up it’s metabolism. 

It’s fascinating stuff if you're a skin nerd like me but I totally forgive you if you’re eyes glazed over at the mere mention of dermis and epidermis, lipids and intercellular spaces… I get that same glazed look when my husband talks to me about cars.  I mean, I don’t care about the motor or how the taco thingy works… I just want to get from A to B (and quickly).

Same same… when it comes to our skincare, many of us don’t have the interest or time for lengthy and complicated routines but we still want gorgeous, glowy skin, right?  Well, adding a weekly Hydroxy Peel to your routine is hands-down the quickest, most effective, totally glow getting thing you can do for your skin.  

ASI Youthful Pro Peel with 25% Glycolic Acid:

If you suffer from open pores, fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation or your skin just generally feels sluggish or rough, a Glycolic peel will help you hit the ‘reset’ button on your skin.  Often referred to as a ‘chemical exfoliation’... Glycolic Acid is actually derived from sugar cane and is one the most powerful hydroxy acids, so while it’s not recommended for sensitive skins or first time users of hydroxy acids, it is a total must-have inclusion for everyone else.

Glycolic Acid encourages cellular turnover, meaning it speeds up the rate in which new skin cells are formed, make their way to the outermost layer of the skin and then shead off (this is your skin’s ‘metabolism’).  Having your skin ticking over at a steady pace means that the surface will look smoother, brighter and healthier.

The ASI Youthful Pro Peel contains 25% Glycolic Acid, perfect for targeting stubborn issues like sun damage, acne scarring as well as reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and can be used at home or as part of a professional facial in-clinic.

ASI Youthful Pro Peel at home:

To include the ASI Youthful Pro Peel into your home routine…

Start by double cleansing your skin to remove any make-up and/or break down facial oil build-up.  Try ASI Radiant Cream Cleanser & ASI Rejuventing Foaming Cleanser for a perfect squeaky clean skin prep.

After thoroughly rinsing off any cleanser residue, make sure to pat your skin dry before applying the Youthful Pro Peel.  Go ahead and apply in a thin layer to the entire face, making sure to avoid getting too close under the eye.

You might feel some tingling… and that’s perfectly fine.  The Youthful Pro Peel can be left on the skin anywhere from 2-5 minutes.  It will depend on how your skin tolerates it so keep an eye on your skin the first few applications and you’ll be able to slowly increase the timing each time you use it.

Once your time is up you will need to cleanse the peel away with the neutralising solution provided in your kit and then finish with your usual serums and moisturiser.  Try ASI’s Pure Hydration Concentrate to flood your skin with plumping hyaluronic acid then seal that in with the Rejuvenating Night Treatment or R3 to relive, repair and restore if your skin is feeling a little peppery.

ASI Youthful Pro Peel in Clinic:

If you prefer a side-serve of relaxation with your peel then head on into your favorite Brazilian Beauty clinic and let one the skilled skin therapists do all the work for you.  The Youthful Pro Peel can be performed in clinic as a stand alone treatment or is included as part of the Advanced Skin Resurfacing facial which also incorporates Microdermabrasion for power packed exfoliating treatment like no other.

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Next time on the blog:

While the Youthful Pro Peel is not suitable for all skin types or first timers, ASI’s range of professional peels include one especially for sensitive, mature and oily/acne… stay tuned as we blog our way through each.

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