Hydrated Glowing Skin Sheet Mask

Want Dewy, Hydrated & Plumped Skin? Let’s Talk About The Power Of A Sheet Mask

If you’re not obsessed with sheet masks, then there’s a chance you’ve never used a good one. With the right sheet mask, you can instantly improve the overall appearance of your skin. Seriously, it’s like clicking your fingers and seeing glowy, dewy, plumped, hydrated skin. Who doesn’t want that!? Insert the Australian Skin Institute’s, Dermal Face Lift Mask. This incredible skincare must-have is the Chanel of all sheet masks, and I’m here to tell you why!

So what's all the fuss about?

The Australian Skin Institute’s Dermal Face Lift Mask is packed with peptides, growth factors and ultra-hydrating ingredients. In as little as 30 minutes, this sheet mask can take you from dull and dehydrated to visibly rejuvenated and glowing like never before… Too bad they don't come in packs of 500! There's a reason it's called the Dermal Face Lift Mask. It really is like an at-home facelift. Thanks to incredibly advanced skincare technology, this sheet mask will fill in wrinkles by boosting collagen, elastin and hydration. How good!?

How does it work?

The Dermal Face Lift Mask comes in a foil packet. Inside you’ll find a sheet mask in a liquid solution. Treat this liquid like gold. If there were a superhero version of any serum, it would be this one. This game-changing serum has a small molecular structure which means it can penetrate deep into the skin, carrying all those hydrating, plumping and rejuvenating ingredients. The sheet mask soaks up this incredible serum and acts as a second skin, sealing everything inside while the active ingredients work their magic. Let the plumping begin!

Maximise your results even further! 

I highly encourage you to deeply exfoliate your skin the night before using your fabulous Dermal Face Lift Mask. When we skip the important step of exfoliation, dead skin cells can begin to build upon the top layer of our skin. Not only can this cause our skin to appear lacklustre and dull, but it also prevents active ingredients from penetrating as deeply as they should. I recommend using the Australian Skin Institute’s AHA Power Exfoliant for the best results.

How to incorporate the Dermal Face Lift Mask into your existing skincare routine! 

Applying the sheet mask to clean skin is crucial so begin with a double cleanse. Smooth the sheet mask over your skin leaving minimal bumps and gaps. Leave the sheet mask on for at least 30 minutes. Top tip! Place your sheet mask in the fridge before using it. The mask will be nice and cool when you apply it. Once you have removed the mask, press any remaining serum in the foil packet into your skin. Do not waste a drop! Now do not, I repeat, do not wash your face. Allow the serum to plump and hydrate your skin for the rest of the day and night. Always follow up with a day or night cream to ensure everything is locked in. Now, when did you get so glowy? 😉

Perfectly prep your makeup! 

While you can apply a sheet mask during a relaxing night watching Netflix at home. The Dermal Face Lift Mask is even better as a pre-event staple! Whether it’s your birthday, your wedding or you have a night out on the town planned with your besties, this is the time to utilise the magical powers of the Dermal Face Lift Mask. Repeat the previous steps and continue with your makeup. I guarantee it has never looked smoother! The Dermal Face Lift Mask is a great way to achieve that barely-there makeup look, as you will barely need makeup. A little mineral makeup, some colour on your lips and cheeks, a lick of mascara and voila! Who needs a highlighter when you are literally glowing

Are you obsessed yet?

I know I am. You can use this exceptionally handy sheet mask once a week. I recommend keeping an emergency supply in your draw for special occasions and a flawless makeup application. Are you ready for some good news? The Australian Skin Institute is gifting a free Dermal Face Lift Mask with every Skin Kit during March and April, allowing you to take your skin to the next level! Add your chosen Kit and Dermal Face Lift Mask to your cart, and the discount will automatically apply. 

Not sure which Skin Kit is suitable for you? Chat to one of our skin experts on the website here.

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Happy glowing

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