Double Cleansing… Who? When? Why? What? How?

Double Cleansing… Who? When? Why? What? How?

Doing just one cleanse at night is like shampooing your hair once before conditioning… and GF if you are still only doing one shampoo, consider this your intervention. 

Now some may disagree, however it is my belief that a double cleanse is only necessary at night - if you have time for a double cleanse in the morning, go for gold! During the day, our skin gets layered with SPF (not wearing SPF!? Intervention #2 coming at you!), make-up and excess oil often finds a nice little home on our skin. We are in and out of air-conditioning & heating, sweating, in the wind, in the sun, touching our face after eating a biscuit & lately breathing hot air on ourselves while wearing masks. In other words, our skin gets put through a lot during the day, and this is where our double cleanse comes in to save the day! 

Your first cleanse is going to remove excess oils, SPF and break down any make-up. And that’s what we expect from a cleanser, right? To clean our skin? Yes, of course. But cleansers do much more than that, your cleanser should also be addressing your specific skin type and skin concerns, balancing the PH of your skin and leaving your skin hydrated, soft and bright. Now even a magical cleanser can’t do all of this on the first cleanse, especially when you're wearing that 24hour wear lipstick, but hey it looks stunning, so it’s totally worth it! So this is where our second cleanse comes in. 

When using a great cleanser... Insert ASI Rejuvenating Foaming Cleanser, aka the Mercedes of all cleansers, you can expect great things from your second cleanse. This cleanser contains Citric Acid which lightly exfoliates the skin while improving skin health (hello bright complexion), Vitamin C that helps to protect the skin by blocking the damage caused by free radicals (think of that air-conditioning/heating etc mentioned above), calming Chamomile to soothe the skin and is all round nourishing and hydrating. Ahhh second cleanse… You are so good to me! 

So why not a double cleanse in the morning? Well mainly time, we are all little busy bee’s these days and most of us are guilty of hitting snooze a couple of times in the am. But that’s not all. After doing our double cleanse at night and layering all of our beautiful serums & locking them in with a night cream, we head off to bed on our clean (don’t make this a 3rd intervention) pillowcase. So in the morning our cleanser isn’t dealing with make-up, SPF and biscuit crumbs and can therefore get a lot more done in just one cleanse. In saying this, if you are doing a double cleanse in the morning, after already drinking 1L of water and doing a 30min meditation, you’re making the rest of us look bad - stop that! 


So in conclusion:

Who? You, silly! 

When? Always at night, in the morning if you can manage it. 

Why? Well, we kind of just went over that.

What? ASI Rejuvenating Foaming Cleanser 😍

How? Cleanser, hands, water… You know this one.

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