The Hydroxy Glow:  How Skin Peels Make Your Skin Act Younger

The Hydroxy Glow: How Skin Peels Make Your Skin Act Younger

So let me just set the scene here for you… (stay with me… it will lead to something I promise).

Imagine you have just walked into a grand but abandoned house.  The windows are closed up and curtains are drawn shut so it’s dark and the air is stifled.  You can just make out the furniture in the main room and get a sense of it’s once-upon-a-time beauty so you decide to take a closer look.

You fling back the curtains to let some light in and watch a puff of tiny dust particles drift up through the air then float back down to settle on top of the dust covered furniture.  “It’s a shame”, you think to yourself… such a beautiful room looking so dull and lacklustre when, with some fresh air and a good dusting it could so easily be restored to its former glory.

Well, here comes the analogy…  because our skin can also look dull and lacklustre when we allow the build up of dead and dry skin cells to accumulate on the surface.  Just like dust prevents light from reflecting from a piece of furniture, a thick layer of cells lying on the top of the skin will not only make our skin look dry and dull but can also stifle the skin, preventing it from receiving the adequate amount of oxygen and moisture it needs to look radiant and healthy.

Why we get dead-skin buildup:

This might sound a little creepy but when you look at yourself in the mirror, you are actually looking at your own dead shell.  A tough, protective layer of spent skin cells that have been pushed to the surface of your body by the living layer of skin underneath.

Our healthy baby skin cells are produced at the bottom of our Epidermis (our outermost layer of skin which itself is made up of 5 distinct layers).  As the baby cells mature and start working their way to the surface of the Epidermis, they produce proteins, fats and lipids that combine to form a ‘cement’ type substance that will hold them together when they finally reach the top layer.  Think of this cement like the mortar used between bricks in a wall.  Although spent and dead by the time they reach top, the mortared up skin cells create a defensive barrier that not only protect you from the harsh outside world but also help to keep moisture and nutrients inside your body where they are needed.

Although affected by influences such as age, hormones and health; in a young healthy skin, the whole process of baby skin cells to dead as a door nail protective scale can take 14-21 days, constantly birthing and shedding as they vigorously cycle their way to the top.  This is your skin’s ‘metabolism’ and when ticking away at this perfect cycle will create just the right amount of protective buildup keeping your skin looking super cute and glowy on the surface.

As we age though, this ‘skin cycle’ starts to slow down, stretching out to 28 days in our 20’s and 30’s and then to 45-60 days in our 40’s and 50’s.  By the time we hit our golden years… our skin is regenerating only every 60-90 days, contributing to slow healing, dehydration, scaliness… well, you get the picture.  As the cycle slows, we also produce less ceramides (those important skin lipids that help form the skin barrier) leaving the skin’s defence compromised and open to dehydration.

Using ASI ProPeel to speed up your skin’s metabolism: 

The ASI range of targeted ProPeels use a custom blend of AHA and BHA Hydroxy Acids that act as a ‘manual override’ on your skin’s metabolism by increasing the rate of cellular turnover.  Unlike harsher peels that exfoliate down into the skin, ASI’s clever formulations work with the skin, gently but efficiently dissolving the cement like secretions that bind the dead skin build up in place; encouraging natural sloughing as opposed to the physical removal you would get from using facial scrubs or harsher peels.

And, unlike physical peels that exfoliate without giving back, the ASI ProPeels are all about respecting the skin’s surface… not innihilating it.  The ingredients communicate with the skin on a cellular level telling the skin to ‘act’ younger by encouraging lots of new baby skin cells to push their way to the surface while feeding the skin with the nutrients and hydration it needs to look healthy and gorgeous.

These peels are gentle but powerful!  While your skin will feel instantly smooth and fresh, even after just one treatment, there is absolutely no downtime, so you can go ahead and do them on the weekly for a supercharged skin routine.

Best of all… there is a ProPeel for every skin type including Sensitive!  Anti-Aging, Oily/Acne, Mature Skin… keep an eye out for my next few blogs where I will give you the 101 on each ProPeel and how they individually work on transforming your skin’s natural metabolic process.

ProPeel at home or in clinic: 

If your skin needs some ProPeel help ASAP then I got you girl!  The team at Brazilian Beauty are ASI experts and offer complimentary skin consultations.  Go ahead and book in with one of their skin specialists to find the perfect ASI ProPeel for your skin, then lay back for a sneaky, skin glowing pamper sesh (well it’s sneaky cause it’s relaxing but totally necessary for beautiful skin).  Alternatively, if you're a DIY kind of queen then jump online at and do the cyber chat thing with their online virtual beauty advisor; she’s totally a real person… I’ve seen her.  You’ll get the perfect ProPeel for your skin sent straight to your door so you can DIY whenever you want, even on a sunday… surrounded by your 10 cats.

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