The Cleansing Ritual - What is the correct cleansing routine for your skin type?

The Cleansing Ritual - What is the correct cleansing routine for your skin type?

When it comes to skin cleansing habits, it seems there are a few different camps we all fall into.  

There are those who cleanse their skin morning and night without fail.  The ‘devoted ones’ who never forget.  Even in a drunken stupor, after a big night out, managing the dexterity needed to pump, rub then wipe away the cleansing cream from their skin with loving devotion.  

There are also the ‘shift cleansers’... this camp only cleanses their skin in the AM or the PM… or sometimes an irregular combination of either.  These guys don’t know if they’re Aurther or Marther most of the time... and their skin usually has a personality disorder to match.

Me?  I fall into the ‘shame walkers’ camp.  I’m pretty consistent for the most part but, well I have to admit,  there have been occasions where my face unceremoniously hit the pillow without any thought of where my eyelash strips and red lippy may end up the next morning.  Waking up with my best Sleeping Beauty impersonation, I stretch and roll over to face my Prince Charming… his look of horror prompting me to make a hasty retreat to the bathroom.  I look in the mirror to see Heath Ledger’s impersonation of The Joker staring back at me.  Yep, walk of shame, here I come.

Cleansing is an important fundamental part of a good skincare routine.  It’s initial benefit is obvious… you are cleaning away the make-up, dirt, dust and other impurities that have settled on the surface of your skin throughout the day and night.  Skip this step and you might as well throw all your other lotions, serums and moisturisers out the window because applying these on a dirty skin is like trying to cook on a crusty frying pan.

But there is more to this fundamental step than you might think.  Properly cleansing your skin can also assist in exfoliating away dead skin build up, control bacteria, keeps pores tight, reduce oil production and manage hydration.  It all boils down to the type of cleanser you choose for your skin type and how you use it.

Do you know your skin type?  8 out of 10 people either don’t know or are incorrect about their skin type and sub-attributes.  You can’t just see a bit of redness and decide you have ‘sensitive skin’ or notice some flaky skin and decide you are dry… what kind of dry?  There are two very different types!

The crew at ASI have teamed up with the clever skin chicks at Brazilian Beauty to now offer skin consultations via their Virtual Beauty Advisors.  Not your run-of-the-mill beauty consultants… these girls know their stuff so you can now speak directly with an expert, get a personalised skincare plan that’s not only perfect for your skin ‘type’ but also your skin’s personality; all while shopping from the comfort of your couch.

And when it comes to cleansers, ASI also know their stuff too!  If you don’t fall in love with them simply for the fact that they produce Australian made, vegan friendly, small batch and super fresh skincare products featuring Australian botanicals such as macadamia and avocado oil then their use of cutting-edge nanotechnology and minimal but active ingredients will surely impress. 

Their Radiant Cream Cleanser is a potent cosmeceutical cleanser with nourishing Vitamin E, Rose Otto and calming Essential Oils.  It hydrates and replenishes the skin while removing all makeup residue, impurities and excess oils.  Suitable for all skin types including very sensitive skin, this cleanser can also be used around the eye area.

For something with a little more punch their Rejuvenating Foaming Cleanser will lather up and flush away impurities while delivering a deep and hydrating cleanse that will leave your skin glowing!  It’s packed with restorative Vitamin C, calming Chamomile and stimulating Citric Acid to lightly exfoliate away skin build up while improving the skin’s health by blocking free radical damage caused by the sun and some lifestyle choices such as smoking and eating too many donuts (guilty! - hand-up emoji)

So before you idly cleanse away next, book a sesh with a BB Virtual Beauty Advisor and grab an ASI cleanser to suit your needs.  Or, check out the following cleansing blogs for individual skin types and make sure you are choosing the best cleansing routine for your skin.

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