Cleansing 101 for Oily/Active/Combination Skins

Cleansing 101 for Oily/Active/Combination Skins

The 101: If you suffer from an oily, active skin or a skin that often breaks out, it’s understandable that you may shy away from using creamy or oil based cleansers.  But the reality is that using a harsh soapy or astringent based cleanser in order to dry up the oil will actually make your skin worse.  Your skin is very intelligent and is self-regulating… meaning that the more oil you strip away… the more oil it will make in return.  

Your skin actually needs a balanced amount of oil at the surface in order for it to function correctly, including fighting off bacteria and locking in moisture.  This is called the ‘Acid Mantle’.  The oil your skin secretes forms part of the Acid Mantle so you must be sure to use a cleanser that will not completely strip away your natural oils.

And, if that’s not enough to talk you down from the oily ledge and have you reaching for a richer cleanser then how about this:  ‘Oil - attracts - Oil’.  Yes!  The oils in a cleanser are ‘lipophilic’ meaning they are naturally attracted to other oils making it ideal for removing excess sebum and make-up without over stripping the skin. 

Oily skin will also benefit from a hydrating foaming cleanser.  The thinner consistency and foaming action means that the cleanser can easily flush in and out of the pores, breaking down blackheads and plugs of sebum.  These cleansers are also great to use in conjunction with a facial cleansing brush to buff away scaly areas of built up skin and, in the correct formulation, will leave your skin feeling squeaky clean without the tightness left from harsh, soapy cleansers.

You can use a foaming cleanser as a second cleanse if you are removing make-up with a creamy cleanser first.  Or you can alternate and use your foaming cleanser in the morning and creamy cleanser before bed.  If you have extremely oily skin then go ahead and use your foaming cleanser twice a day (morning and night) but never more than that.  Over washing will leave your skin too dry creating an oily reaction.  

The How To: If you have been wearing make-up then go ahead and do an initial cleanse with a creamy cleanser by applying straight onto dry skin with dry hands.  Using small circular movements over each section of the skin until you have completed the entire face area.  Remove the cleanser firstly with a facial cloth and then immediately rinsing with tepid water until you feel all the cleanser has been rinsed away. 

Once you have finished that step, it’s time to go for round two but this time with your Foaming Cleanser

You want to make sure to apply the foaming cleanser to a wet face so go ahead and splash some water onto your skin first (or even easier… do it in the shower).  Then while your hands are also still wet, pump some foaming cleanser into your palm and with the other hand use the pads of your fingers to activate the foam by rubbing in a fast, circular motion until you see the foam appear… add a sprinkle of water as you go if needed.

Once the foam has been activated, you can then take it in both hands and start applying to the face, again, using circular movements to ensure it is evenly distributed all over the skin.  If you are using the cleansing brush, you can go ahead and now brush in circular movements right over the top of the foaming cleanser.  You only need to do this for 1 or 2 minutes (be gentle with the brush) before thoroughly rinsing with tepid water.


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