The ‘After’ Edit: What product should you  use after...

The ‘After’ Edit: What product should you use after...

They say all good things must come to an end but here are our favourite finishing products to make any skincare treatment a ‘Happily Ever After’.

After Makeup

If you’re wearing makeup, you need to cleanse your face TWICE! Once to remove makeup and the days pollutants and once to properly cleanse your skin - We don’t make the rules!

Even if you’re tired, even if you’re feeling lazy and yes even after that #RoseAllDay soiree you went to.

Try our Radiant Cream Cleanser to remove makeup and double cleanse with our ride of die, Rejuvenating Foaming Cleanser. 

After The Big Event

Life is full of big events and we love it! But they can sometimes leave your skin feeling dull, tired, and overall bleh. Our Dermal Face Lift Mask is the perfect TLC treatment to give you an instant and radiant glow. 

After Bug Eyes

Waking up puffy eye’d and feeling a bit buggy? We got chu boo. Our HydraLift Eye Gel is packed with Peptides and Hyaluronic acid to deliver intense hydration as well as a delicious firming and plumping effect. 

After Dermal Rolling 

The serum you use post microneedling can make a big difference, given that your skin may be sensitised from the controlled trauma. As you heal, your skin barrier is more vulnerable and sensitised meaning more active acids and retinoids may cause irritation.

Using a calming and targeted product like our Multi Peptide Serum or our Pure Hydration Concentrate is a match made in needling heaven. 

After Too Much Sun

First of all, naughty naughty! But we understand these things happen. If you’ve accidentally gotten a lil too much sun, our versatile healer, R3 Relieve, Repair, Restore moisturiser can sooth and remedy your skin back to glory. Use our Pure Hydration Concentrate to maximum this boost of moisture for ultra hydration. If you’re still feeling a little sun and weather worn, check out some of our other tips and tricks on our recent blog here.

After Breakouts

Breakouts are bad enough, let alone the discolouration that sticks around well and truly after they’ve left town.

To reduce the frequency of these pesky visitors, infuse the skin with our Clearing Renewal Complex to heal and eliminate the bacteria causing breakouts.

Once they’re gone, apply our Vitamin B3 Complex to rejuvenate the skin cells and to improve post inflammatory hyperpigmentation that causes the long lasting discoloration. 

After Scrolling

If you’ve searched sitewide and are still unsure of what to get, have no fear, our virtual beauty consultant is here! Order a FREE online or virtual consultation to go through your specific skin concerns with one of our skin experts.

After Literally Anything Else

You’re busy, we get it. And we also know we’ve got some ‘lazy guys and gals’ out there. Some of you just want a fool-proof routine and we aim to please. So if this is you, Try partnering our Rejuvenating Foaming Cleanser with our Pure Hydration Concentrate - a simple cleansing and moisturising routine is a great first step and we promise to be there for you every step of the way!

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