3 tips to post-sunshine skin recovery

3 tips to post-sunshine skin recovery

If you spent summer with sand under your feet, wind in your hair and salt on your skin, then keep reading. 

Whilst our oceans are powerfully beneficial for both mind, body and soul, there are a few important things you need to be aware of if you spent this summer and intend to spend next summer by the seaside.Too much fun playing in the ocean can leave your skin dried out and irritated so here are three tips and tricks for maintaining your skin health from the ASI team. 

  1. Not only can the salt in the ocean water dry skin out fast, it can also linger on your skin, meaning its drying effects are long-lasting. Combat this dryness by incorporating richly hydrating products into your skincare routine and also upping your skin treatments this summer. Our Dermal Face Lift Mask, contains 5 revolutionary peptides and growth factors that aim to dramatically reduce the signs of ageing whilst also delivering a hit of lasting hydration. Our Dermal Face Lift Mask is packed full of thirst quenching Hyaluronic Acid and the sheet style application means that the serum can sit on your skin without evaporating or drying out for a much longer time than if you just simply apply directly to your skin. This means the skin has time to drink up as much as it needs.

  1. Salt water is almost impossible to remove from the skin with lye based soaps or non-foaming washes, so even after showering, traces of salt deposits may remain on the skin, absorbing essential moisture. Our Antibacterial Cleansing Gel can help buff away those persistent salt particles, ensuring a true and through cleanse after those ocean dips.

  1. It’s always a good practice to rinse off the saltwater after swimming, especially if you can’t shower and cleanse immediately after. The longer salt water remains on the skin, the more likely dryness and damage to your skin’s moisture barrier are, so getting it off quickly will be very helpful in the long run. Once showered and cleanse, restore your skin’s moisture with our R3 Relieve, Repair, Restore moisturiser to  sooth and remedy your skin back to glory. 
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