Immune Reboot - 4 steps before stepping out of Isolation

Immune Reboot - 4 steps before stepping out of Isolation

This whole isolation situation has thrown me for a loop.  

I mean, at first it was fantastic!  Being forced to stay home from work... cooking, hanging out with the dogs, watching Netflix all day… I even planted a vegetable garden with those little Woolworths seedlings I collected last year!  The first few weeks were amazing.  

I Marie Kondo’d my house, learned to make bread from scratch and reignited my childhood passion for jigsaw puzzles. But somewhere between the 5th episode of Tiger King and me trying my hand at pottery the anxiety and stress of actually being in isolation started to surface.  

Along with all the fun stuff that I have been doing during isolation, the worry about finances, job security and my children’s well being has been bubbling away in the background and now suddenly, Rona is not the only thing I need to worry about.

Stress and anxiety can wreak havoc on our immune system making us susceptible to viruses and infections.  When we are stressed, our bodies release a stress-hormone called Cortisol.  

Ironically, Cortisol’s job is to suppress ‘nonessential-in-an-emergency’ functions in the body. Sound familiar?… and unfortunately, like a Beauty Therapist during a pandemic, our immune system is not an essential function when your body is in ‘fight or flight’ mode (Pfft, tell that to the next mono-brow you see).

When we feel anxious, another stress-hormone called Adrenaline is also released, increasing our heart rate, respiratory rate and opening up our airways so that more oxygen can get to our muscles.  In a real threatening situation, this is obviously ideal cause you are going to want to high-tale it out of whatever mess you are in but when you are stuck at home in isolation, screaming at your kids while stuffing down that chocolate cake you made earlier is more likely the scenario. 

So now, I'm at home; a non-essential, immune suppressed, stressed out cake junkie and it’s almost time to go back to work.  The restrictions are easing and slowly but surely we will all be leaving our utopian bubbles. It’s time to get real…  Here are my 4 steps to rebooting the immune system before stepping out of isolation:

Step 1:  Put that cake down!

Did you know that over 70% of your immune system is in your gut?  Although no one food can stop you from getting sick or catching something like the Coronavirus, eating immune boosting foods can help to reduce the severity and duration of an illness.

Step away from the sugary carbs now and start eating more fatty fish like salmon, sardines or mackerel for their high doses of omega 3 fatty-acids.  Healthy proteins like chicken, beef and seafood for not only their protein but also Zinc content.  Citrus fruits and leafy greens provide antioxidants such as vitamin C which support the cellular function of the immune system.  And lastly but not least Dark Chocolate contains magnesium which is responsible for ensuring that important virus-fighting proteins in our immune system are firing on all cylinders.

Step 2:  Pull out your yoga mat!

In our scrummage to keep busy during isolation, some of us may have forgotten to save some time to be ‘unbusy’.  Practicing a little meditation or yoga can help to boost your immune system by lowering your stress levels.  In 2016 a study published in the journal Psychoneuroendocrinology and in 2017 another study published in the journal Oxidative Medicine And Cellular Longevity showed that both these activities lower levels of cortisol and decrease inflammation in the body.

Step 3: Sleep without screen time (good luck)

Researchers have pinpointed how exposing certain cells within the eye to artificial light before sleep can reset our circadian rhythm… the physiological process your body uses to know to sleep at night and wake during the day.   Without sufficient sleep, your body produces and releases less cytokines - a protein that targets infection and inflammation.  So don’t stare at your phone screen when you’re laying in bed with the lights out!  You are actually not relaxing!

Step 4: Boost your immunity with an IM Shot

You’ve probably heard of vitamins such as folic acid, riboflavin and thiamin before but did you know that they are only 3 of 8 B-Vitamins that make up the Multi-B group.  Each have their own unique attributes but together form a powerful alliance critical to the body’s cellular health.  Multi-B Forte Vitamins can be taken in tablet form or easily administered as an IM Booster Shot.  

The Immune Boost IM shot contains a concentrated dose of the essential B vitamins to help increase your energy levels while balancing your mood and strengthening your immune system.  A course of 4-10 boosters may be recommended depending on your individual needs but can be administered weekly if desired.

Want to find out more - 

Read more on our blog ‘IM SHOTS: Benefits of each B-Vitamin’

The ASI Immune Boost IM treatment is administered by our medical staff and available now at ASI Skin and Beauty HQ.  For more information, pricing, and to book online, visit or email

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