Break up with Breakouts. It’s not you, it's them, and they gotta go!

Break up with Breakouts. It’s not you, it's them, and they gotta go!

We all get them, and for those that don’t… well that's amazing and we hope you never do. But for those of us who do, almost everyone (except that one person blessed with perfect skin 🙄), here is a full breakdown of tips for acne/oily skin and a recommended skincare regime.  

Part of the reason for breakouts can be due to natural oils in the skin that trap dirt and debris. The overproduction of oil flow can clog pores and begin breeding bacteria. Lifestyle factors such as stress, hormonal fluctuation, genetics, and that block of chocolate you ate the other night (no.. just me?), can play a large role in breakouts.

Tips and advice to help with acne and oily skin:

  • Avoid touching your face as this can spread bacteria 
  • Keep your hair away from your face
  • Increase omega 3 fatty acids - this will improve your oil quality
  • It’s tempting, but do not squeeze pimples as this can cause further outbreaks
  • To help with healing, get lots of sleep
  • Use mineral-based, preservative-free, non-clogging cosmetics and makeup like our Mineral Radiance Range
  • Relax, stay calm and stress-free (easier said than done I know)
  • Avoid using skin care products containing lanolin or mineral oil
  • Exercise! Regular exercise is great for your overall health and wellbeing
  • Don't use any scrubs on the skin, this can lead to further breakout. Put that apricot scrub down immediately - this applies to you too amazing clear skin genetics girl! 

Okay so let's get into your skincare regime. 

First up, ASI products are cosmeceuticals and work from the inside out, cosmeceuticals change the actual structure of your skin rather than working on the superficial layers like your erryday cosmetic product. 

FYI once you start your skincare regime, any underlying congestion may start to come through, but this will only last about 2 weeks, and we are in ISO anyway so no biggie right. To get results and skin that is #literalgoals, It’s important that you have a good skincare regime in place and are super consistent with it.


  1. Essential Daily Rejuvenation Collection:

Rejuvenating Foaming Cleanser 

Use morning and night and always double cleanse (1st cleanse removes makeup/dirt, 2nd cleanse works on deeper layers). The Citric Acid in the cleanser will lightly exfoliate while the Vitamin C is a super antioxidant and protects skin from free radicals. (These are nasty things that attack collagen and elastin)

Rejuvenating Day Cream-

Use every morning, This product has Vitamin B3 to illuminate and brighten skin, as well as Sodium Hyaluronate for a super hydration boost. The Zinc also provides a SPF20 - winner winner no sun damage here’ya! 

Rejuvenating Night Treatment  

Use every night. This has your key Vitamins A, B & C, and is the quarterback of ASI products you could say. You can sleep easy knowing skin concerns are being treated. *Do not use this product while pregnant or breastfeeding.

Now that we have the basics we can add in some targeted products when you’re ready:

Vitamin B3 Complex 

Use every morning. Enhance skin clarity, hydration and illumination, while boosting collagen and elastin.

AHA Power Exfoliant - 

Use 2 x a week. This chemical exfoliant uses glycolic and lactic acid to remove dead skin cells, promote skin cell turnover and lighten and brighten skin. If you have acne it’s essential to exfoliate, avoid physical exfoliants, which can damage skin and spread acne - for the last time, please do us all a favour and put the apricot scrub down. 

Vitamin A Corrector

Use 2 x a week at night. This product exfoliates skin at a cellular level to boost collagen and elastin production  - it is fantastic for acne scarring and pigment (acne can cause post-acne pigmentation). *Do not use this product while pregnant or breastfeeding.

Purifying Hydration Mask

Use 2 x a week after exfoliating. This mask has detoxifying Volcanic Clays, hydrating Sodium Hyaluronate and an advanced Perfection Peptide. Formulated to purify, heal, hydrate and enhance skin clarity. This will be super calming, hydrating and detoxifying for your skin and help with healing and reducing the appearance of acne. 

Daily Regime:

Morning Routine  - Double Cleanse, Vitamin B3, Day Cream 

Night Routine- 

Night 1- Double Cleanse, Night Treatment

Night 2 - Double Cleanse, AHA Power Exfoliant, Purifying Hydration Mask, Night Treatment (if you wash off the mask).

Night 3 -  Double Cleanse, Night Treatment

Night 4 -  Double Cleanse, Vitamin A Corrector, Night Cream 

Night 5 -  Double Cleanse, AHA Power Exfoliant, Purifying Hydration Mask, Night Treatment (if you wash off the mask). 

Night 6  Double Cleanse, Night Treatment

Night 7 -  Double Cleanse, Vitamin A Corrector, Night Treatment

For a tailor made skin care plan please contact us and book in a Free Online Skin Consultation with one of our Professional Skin Therapists. 

Available for online chat, video consultations and phone consultations.

As a final note, remember, always double cleanse, be consistent with your skincare routine, always wash off your makeup (even after a big night), and don't pick/pop your pimples (they will just get angry, trust us). 




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