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    Night Shift - Do you really need a separate day and night cream?

    A question that we often get asked is; “Do I need two different moisturisers for day and night’?  It’s a simple enough question and I totally get why it’s asked.  I mean, is it a world-wide conspiracy amongst skincare companies trying to get us buying an extra cream we don’t really need or do eac... View Post
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    Keeping Your Glow On Through Winter - 3 winter must haves for healthy skin

    There’s a lot of things I love about winter...  long sunday morning sleep-ins, turtle neck sweaters and big woollen coats, hot chocolate with marshmallows… ooh.. and wearing my Uggies to the supermarket!... when you think about it like that, winter is pretty sexy… well, maybe not the Uggies at th... View Post
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    Vitamin A - Why every skin needs it.

    Vitamin A sure has a long and interesting history.  If you're a skin buff like me then you will be happy to know that you can find oodles of information on Vitamin A on the internet and in books (if you still read those)... but be warned!... navigating your way around all the information will be ... View Post