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Fake Tanning


It's time for glowy, sunkissed skin!

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Get your skin prepped and ready for your faux tan with our limited time only HYDR8TAN Kit! 

Included in your HYDR8TAN kit:


The HYDR8TAN Extender

Use to deepen your tan, or give your natural tone a little extra oomph. Made from natural and organic ingredients, this formula is a light, non-greasy, vanilla-infused, moisturising and gradual self-tanning lotion that is perfect to add to your daily skin routine. Combining luxurious hydrating actives and the latest in tanning technology, our HYDR8TAN Extender will deliver a gentle colour lift to your skin that will leave you feeling hydrated, sunkissed and ready to take on any event.


The HYDR8TAN Exfoliation Cloth

The perfect addition to your shower or bath routine, the textured viscose fabric of the Exfoliation Cloth promotes and stimulates fresh, healthy skin while enhancing blood circulation and preventing clogged pores and dryness.

This exfoliating cloth was ergonomically designed with those hard to reach areas in mind. Making exfoliating your upper & lower back, buttocks and thighs a breeze - you can now say goodbye to the dreaded mid-exfoliation arm cramp!


The HYDR8TAN Body Buff & Polish Mitt

Take body exfoliation up a notch with our HYDR8TAN Body Buff & Polish Mitt! Use to prep your skin before your self-tanner, or to remove your fading tan - whichever way you use your mitt, we've got you. With the perfect level of exfoliation, this mitt is excellent at removing tricky and stubborn areas of built-up tan and equally as fantastic at removing dead skin cells and impurities from the surface layers of the skin. You will be left with clean and silky smooth skin, ready for your next tanning session.

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How To Use
Tan Extender
Apply to dry, lightly exfoliated, clean skin. Rub evenly and methodically into the skin in light sweeping motions. Focus on areas that are lighter in colour, dry or patchy to promote repair and colouration consistency. Wash and lightly exfoliate palms after use.

Exfoliation Cloth
Soften the skin in a shower or bath. Wet Exfoliation Cloth, squeeze out excess water and apply body wash. Using reasonable pressure, move over the entire body. For hard to reach places extend the cloth and hold in each hand, placing the cloth behind the back and moving side to side. After exfoliating, rinse cloth thoroughly with warm water, hang out and leave to dry away from direct heat.

Body Buff & Polish Mitt
Soften the skin in the shower or a bath then wet the mitt, squeeze out excess water and place on your hand. For best results step out of shower/bath. Using reasonable pressure, rub the skin in a rapid vertical direction. Rinse mitt thoroughly with warm water and an anti-bacterial cleanser after each use. Hang and leave to dry away from direct heat. Do not machine wash.


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