Aging and Anti-Aging

There can be many reasons for aging skin but the most common cause of premature aging in Australia is sun exposure.  Living in a high UVA and UVB climate, we just can’t avoid the sun and neither do we want to as we love our sunny Aussie climate. However, we should always protect our skin with a SPF 100% of the time, even on cloudy days.

ASI compounds proven ingredients that target aging concerns and aid in repairing prematurely aged skin.  ASI formulations focus on the three most important vitamins for skin - Vitamin A, Vitamin B and Vitamin C, which are the main ingredients in our hero product, Rejuvenating Night Treatment, and our ultimate trio of serums below.

  • Vitamin A Corrector includes Retinyl Palmitate 3% & Pure Retinol 0.1% to increase the speed of skin cell turnover to rejuvenate skin tone and texture.
  • Vitamin B3 Complex has 7.5% Vitamin B3 to help prevent pigmentation and illuminate the skin.
  • Vitamin C Serum is bursting with 25% Pure Vitamin C that aids in skin repair and increases collagen and elastin production.

Freshly compounded, these potent ingredients formulated together create a targeted and advanced treatment for aging skin concerns.



    Radiant Cream Cleanser  - use as a pre cleanse & makeup remover

    Rejuvenating Foaming Cleanser use for a deep power cleanse with the Facial Cleansing Brush


    AHA Power Exfoliant - use 2 times a week on cleansed, dry skin for 2 minutes.

    Daily Moisturiser

    Rejuvenating Day Cream

    Rejuvenating Night Treatment

    Treatment Serums

    Vitamin A Corrector  - use every third night

    Vitamin B3 Complex  - use every morning

    Vitamin C Serum  - use every second night as a treatment, or use daily as a makeup primer


    Dermal Face Lift Mask - use on special occasions or once a week


    Professional Kit

    Vita A Peel - advanced treatment designed to improve the overall condition of the skin and to produce a healthy and more vibrant complexion.

    Can be repeated every 4 weeks.

    Pro Peel - fast, effective and affordable skin treatment for immediate cell renewal and a refreshed, clear complexion.

    Can be repeated every 4 weeks.

    Dermal Rolling 0.75mm - effective at reducing acne scarring, body scarring, hair thinning, fine lines and skin texture. 

    Can be repeated every week.

    *Important: Online consultation required by an ASI Professional Skin Therapist before using any Professional Kit.