Tips for Healthy Skin: Skin Experts Want You To Know

Tips for Healthy Skin: Skin Experts Want You To Know

Your skin is an outward expression of your health and wellness. You want to have flawless, supple skin. Not only does beautiful skin leave a lasting impression but, healthy skin protects our bodies from germs and helps us to sense vital information about our environments such as pleasure, pain, and temperature. Whether you have dry, oily, or acne prone skin taking good care of your skin means a healthier you!


Dry skin loses elasticity and feels rough to the touch. Drinking plenty of water is good for your body and skin but you can also keep your skin hydrated from the outside in. Choose a gentle cleanser that does not contain alcohol, retinoids, fragrances, or alpha hydroxy acid. Wash your skin with warm water, avoid prolonged exposure to hot water. Apply moisturizer immediately following a facial cleanse and full body bath or shower. If you are prone to dry skin, or simply want to maintain your skin's illumination, ASI's daily Vitamin B3 Complex serum treatment will decrease transepidermal water loss by 24%.

Protect from UV Damage  

Keep your skin radiant by protecting it from harmful UV rays from the sun. Australians suffer the highest rates of skin cancer in the world. Stay covered by wearing long sleeves, pants, and a hat whenever you experience prolonged sun exposure. Apply sunscreen of SPF30 or higher on a daily basis at least 20-minutes prior to going outdoors. You can easily incorporate sunscreen into your skin's daily moisture routine by applying ASI's Rejuvenating Day Cream with natural SPF derived from Zinc Oxide.

Double Cleanse

Rid your skin of daily grime by incorporating a double cleanse as part of your evening skin care routine. A double cleanse removes all the residue from sunscreen and makeup. Your skin will be revitalised, feel soft, and stay hydrated. First, using an oil-based cleanser on your skin will act like a magnet to lift away dirt and make-up. Next, using a cream based cleanser such as ASI's Radiant Cream Cleanser, will ensure clean pores and facilitate hydration.


Gently exfoliating your skin removes dead skin cells from your skin's outermost layer. Naturally scrubbing the skin with tools such as a brush or exfoliation cloth will physically remove dead skin. You might also choose a salt scrub or sugar scrub to apply to your skin with bare hands. Chemical applications such as alpha and beta hydroxy acids will gently dissolve dead skin cells. Always moisturise your skin after exfoliating.

Pamper Delicate Areas

Areas of delicate skin, particularly around your eyes and lips, require exceptional care. These areas are prone to drying and prone to display fine lines and wrinkles. Treat these areas with ASI's Pure Hydration Concentrate, after a gentle cleanse. Always clean and moisturise areas near your eyes and lips carefully, trying not to rub excessively.

Healthy Diet

Maintaining a balanced diet keeps your skin healthy from the inside out. Your skin works to excrete substances that may be harmful to your body. Dairy can sometimes be difficult for our bodies to digest and in an effort to assist that digestion, skin can develop hard, painful bumps known as cystic acne around the vicinity of the chin and jawline.

High intake of sugar is associated with the occurrence of acne. Consuming inflammatory foods, such as high sodium foods, can cause our skin to react with increased redness or puffiness. ASI's Cream Mineral Foundation can keep you covered when blemishes appear. A healthy diet is the best way to keep your skin looking flawless over time.  

Low Stress

Finding positive methods to manage stress can benefit your skin. Stress tends to cause skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema to flare, creating discomfort or presenting unsightly skin. Getting organised at your home or job can help you to minimise stress. Exercising, reading, gardening, or taking a trip can help you to distress.

Healthy habits equal healthy skin. You will look and feel radiant with daily practices, incorporating Australian Skin Institute products.

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