The best vitamins for your skin type: combination skin

The best vitamins for your skin type: combination skin

Have you noticed that some parts of your skin are dry and other parts are oily?

Combination skin features two or more different skin types on the face, and typically presents with dry and flaky skin on portions of the face, with excessive oil on others.

When it comes to combination skin, it can be tricky to figure out how to care for your skin properly, since different parts of your face have different needs.

Follow these tips for a happy complexion!

Targeted vitamins - find the perfect balance


Radiant Cream Cleanser - use everyday

A potent cosmeceutical cleanser with nourishing Vitamin E (strong antioxidant), Rose Otto, calming Essential Oils and Jojoba Oil (helps to replenish and restore skin hydration).

Cream cleansers are a great option for combination skin because they’re gentle enough not imbalance either skin type.

This mild cream cleanser works for both the oily and dry parts of your face because it hydrates, calms, and heals dry skin while also clearing congestion and impurities from pores and controlling excess oil production.

Vitamin A Corrector  - use every third night

When you have combination skin, finding a serum that won’t sway your complexion to the extremes of oily or dry can be tricky. To play on the safe side, opt for a Retinol based one.

Vitamin A plays well with both dry and oily skin, keeping dry patches at bay while helping to prevent clogged pores.

Vitamin A helps to regulate and slow oil flow. This power product exfoliates skin at a cellular level to encourage the production of collagen and elastin. 

Wake up with clarified and refined skin that is firmer and brighter!

Although this product is for all skin types those who are pregnant or breastfeeding are not recommended to use as it contains Retinol.  



AHA Power Exfoliant - use twice weekly

 A potent cosmeceutical exfoliant which uses naturally active Glycolic and Lactic Acid with calming Chamomile. 

These ingredients combined remove dead skin cells, encourage healthy skin cell formation and stimulate collagen and elastin.

Glycolic Acid -  Removes dead skin cells helping to reduce wrinkles and acne scarring:

Lactic Acid -  Exfoliates dead skin cells helping to improve skin texture and stimulates collagen production. Skin looks brighter and feels softer, while skin tone is more even and texture more refined with continued use over time.

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