The Best Dry Skin Care Products to Nourish a Dehydrated Complexion

The Best Dry Skin Care Products to Nourish a Dehydrated Complexion

True Beauty

Beauty is born with healthy, vibrant skin. When you meet someone new, whether in your career or personal life, your skin should make a great first impression. That's why it's so important to choose skin care products and a beauty routine that will cater to your individual needs.

Dry Skin and its Causes

Dry, tight, and flaky skin can affect anyone, and if you're not sure how to treat it, this may add a challenge to your daily beauty program. Not only is the condition uncomfortable, but it can be unsightly and even interfere with your makeup look as well.

Dry skin is caused by a number of factors. An absence of water both inside and outside of skin cells leads to that itchy, tight sensation and flaking appearance. Three of the most common causes of this include:

  • Environment: Dry seasons can spell more dryness for your skin.
  • Lifestyle choices: How we take care of ourselves makes a difference, including our skin care products.
  • Age: As we gain in wisdom and maturity, our skin can lose its ability to retain precious moisture.

Your Dry Skin Solution

Treatment for this condition calls for a personalised, dedicated dry skin care practice created to soothe and enhance your skin's look and feel.

There are many simple and effective beauty tips you can follow to remedy concerns about a thirsty complexion. Dry skin care products specifically designed just to treat the condition, along with a few healthy lifestyle choices, can transform your complexion into one that truly glows and shines.

1. Keep Your Body Hydrated: Dehydration in the skin could indicate that the rest of your body needs a drink of water, too.

2. Eat a Nutritious Diet: Include plenty of fresh produce and vitamin-rich foods.
3. Use a Humidifier: Moisten the surrounding air with a humidifier to assist with dry skin. 

4. Establish a Dynamic Beauty Routine Tailored to You: This should be flexible with the seasons as our skin's needs change based on the humidity of the environment.

5. Wear a Hydrating Lip Balm: A lip balm can assist with a moisture boost.

6. Use the Correct Cleanser: Some cleansers can strip the skin of protective oils as they clean. Look for a cream cleanser that's made for treating the dry skin and that will refresh and hydrate with natural ingredients. ASI's Radiant Cream Cleanser contains Vitamin E, Rose Otto, uplifting essential oils, and Jojoba oil. The solution has antioxidant power to reduce the free radicals that can degrade your skin. The cleanser also removes makeup and can help with an uneven skin tone. Use as a pre-cleanse or every day.


7. Apply the Perfect Moisturizer for Dry Skin: This will round out your beauty regimen and lock in the moisture that your skin craves. A daily cosmeceutical such as ASI's Rejuvenating Day Cream with SPF is a daily hydrator with ingredients like Vitamin B3, Sodium Hyaluronate, and Macadamia Oil. These are highly beneficial in preventing water loss in the skin, holding the water that is present, and protecting your overall look. This cream has an added bonus of addressing fine lines, wrinkles, and breakouts along with dehydration. The product is great to apply just after your facial cleanse.

8. Practice Your Routine Daily: Find a beauty regimen that you can stick with daily but can be adjusted as your needs change.

        Indulge in Your Skin's Wellness

        When you treat yourself to luxuriously nourished skin with products from the Australian Skin Institute, you'll find the best dry skin care products available. Our line is created with top-quality ingredients carefully composed to allow your skin drink in its goodness. We make the best skin care products to bring out the very best in you.

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