Sweet Skin Survival Guide: 5 ways to avoid post chocolate inflammation this Easter.

Sweet Skin Survival Guide: 5 ways to avoid post chocolate inflammation this Easter.

If you’ve got chocolate on the mind, then you’ve gotta have these products on the skin! 

We know choccies are good for the soul, but they’re not always great for the skin. Why? Excess sugar can damage your skin through the natural process called glycation. We’ll skip the bio lesson for now so we don’t eggs-haust you but in an nut *egg shell, your body struggles to metabolize excess sugar which can then produce harmful free radicals and nobody wants those pesky cells hopping around! Don’t get us wrong, we love chocolate! It’s good for the soul but if you’re going to eat those easter eggs, maybe add some of these products to your online basket to limit that post chocolate inflammation. So buckle up bunnies, let’s shell out 5 of our sweetest products that’ll keep your skin glowing!

  1. Dermal Face Lift Make

Not your ordinary sheet mask, our DFLM contains 5 revolutionary peptides and growth factors designed to dramatically reduce the visible signs of ageing, whilst boosting collagen and elastin. Drenched in a concentrated cocktail of active ingredients, this mask ensures a hit of lasting hydration, giving your skin and instant glow and extra boost for all your Easter festivities. 

  1. Multi Peptide Serum 

This product is a true all rounder, calm down that inflammation and support your skin cells with our Multi Peptide Serum. Formulated with a bunch of highly active peptides and growth factors improves the appearance of redness and pigmentation as well as boosts collagen and elastin. Need we say more?

  1. Pure Hydration Concentrate

Formulated with restorative Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C, our Pure Hydration Concentrate provides long-lasting hydration to support your skin’s protective barrier (the Acid Mantle). Avoid Trans-Epidermal Water Loss by locking hydration into place with this one.

  1. Clearing Renewal Complex 

Reduce the post chocolate breakouts with our clarifying serum. Designed to heal and rejuvenate your skin while fighting and preventing bacteria causing breakouts. Formulated with Magnesium Sulfate, detoxifying Chlorhexidine and calming Vitamin B3 this one is a must have if you’re planning on over-indulging *which we will be doing too wink*

  1. Purifying Hydration Mask

Treat yourself to a few extra eggs (and don’t feel guilty about it) by adding our Pure Hydration Mask into your routine this week to target those breakouts as they arise. With the ability to detoxify, hydrate and brighten the skin all in one. Leave this egg-stra special clay mask on overnight to control excess oil production and resurrect dull and lifeless skin. 


And that’s all, yolks! Don’t forget to stay safe this long weekend, be present, enjoy the moment and eat all the choccie knowing your skin has no egg-cuse not to behave ;)

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