Spring racing beauty tips and tricks

Spring racing beauty tips and tricks

Spring Carnival is nearly here, an exciting time to show off the latest fashion trends, makeup and hair styles.

If you’re hitting the track or attending a race day event, you need a fool-proof beauty routine to last the long and often steamy day!

  • Prep your skin!
  • Exfoliate once or twice a week with an at-home peel containing glycolic acid, salicylic acid or both! After the first peel, your skin will feel soft and smooth and after four weeks, it'll look even better.

    Add a hydrating mask into your routine the day before, to ensure skin is smooth and ready to accept the makeup you will apply.

  • Flawless complexion
  • Mineral makeup is a perfect match for those who do not like the look or feel of wearing makeup but still want to have glowing, flawless skin.

    Nearly invisible and weightless, it allows your skin to breathe naturally and achieve that natural look.

  • Go big with the lashes
  • Give your eyes a dramatic and voluminous look for longer, with a set of eyelash extensions!

    Wispy, dark, and perfectly curved lashes are something that every woman chases when wanting to create the perfect eye look. 

    Eyelash extensions are the perfect replacement for mascara, and while once considered a luxury treatment reserved for A-list stars, it’s now more available than ever!

  • Sculpted eyebrows
  • Eyebrows are huge this season, as they have been for the past few seasons. 

    Make sure they are shaped and well looked after in the lead up to the races, because on the day eyebrows really finish and polish your look.

  • Kissable lips
  • Chapped, dry and flaky lips not only look unattractive but are a pain too. Fortunately, it’s not hard to keep your lips soft, smooth and kissable:



    -Add color



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