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Eczema: How To Soothe And Manage The Symptoms

Atopic dermatitis (also known as Eczema) is a chronic inflammatory disease of the skin. People who suffer from Eczema usually experience dry, red, scaly skin with itching, and in severe cases can also develop weeping or bleeding skin lesions. 

In Australia, 1 in 3 children and over 1 million Australians have eczema and, according to findings from the PEEK study conducted by the Centre For Community-Driven Research and the Eczema Association Australia, almost half of the study participants knew nothing or very little about eczema.

What causes eczema?

Unfortunately, the exact cause of eczema is still unknown however research has linked its development to both internal and external influences and triggers:


  • A family history of eczema, asthma or hay fever - with an 80% chance of developing eczema if both parents have the condition
  • Certain foods and alcohol act as triggers - dairy, wheat products, citrus fruits, eggs, nuts, seafood, chemical food additives, preservatives and colourings.  Check out the Eczema Association Australia website for more information. 
  • Stress


  • Irritants such as tobacco smoke, chemicals and extreme temperatures such as hot and humid or cold and dry conditions (including air conditioning).
  • Environmental allergens such as dust mites, mould, grasses, plant pollens.
  • Household products such as soaps and shampoos, washing detergents and cleaning agents.
  • Pets.

How Do I Know If I Have Eczema?

While itching is an important clue to diagnosing eczema (if an itch is not present, chances are that you don’t have eczema), an accurate diagnosis requires a complete skin examination which should be performed by a skin specialist or Dermatologist.

Other symptoms that could indicate you have eczema include, a dry, red, patchy rash or cracked skin that commonly appears on the face, hands, neck, inner elbows, backs of knees and ankles - but can also appear on any part of the body. The skin may weep water fluid or have thickened, rough, leathery patches.

Is There A Cure For Eczema?

Although currently there is no known cure for eczema; there are numerous treatment options that may help to alleviate and control the eczema symptoms.

How Can I Manage My Eczema Symptoms?

The key to calming eczema and minimising flare-ups is to soothe the skin with a healing skincare ritual that will not only prevent your skin from drying and cracking but also offer relief from the itching and inflammation caused by the condition.

While topical corticosteroids, antihistamines and antibiotics are sometimes needed if the symptoms get out of hand, these are not ideal as an ongoing long-term treatment of eczema.

Eczema can disrupt and damage your skin’s acid mantle - the thin protective barrier on the surface of our skin. Ensuring you keep your skin clean, hydrated and well moisturised (even if it means applying your cream a few times a day) will help to support the acid mantle. 

This is important because not only does this natural barricade preserve and maintain the skin’s structural and functional integrity, but it's slight acidity also protects your body from bacterial invasion, minimising infection and skin breakouts.

How Can ASI Help To Soothe Your Eczema Symptoms?

Our fresh and potent cosmeceutical skincare range features active ingredients that assist in calming and soothing eczema. Formulated using our own unique nanotechnology and advanced transdermal delivery system, we keep ingredients to a minimum, ensuring each is there only to improve and benefit your skin.

Follow this eczema soothing routine to reduce and manage your eczema symptoms:

AM Eczema Skin Care Routine

Step 1 - Cleanse with ASI‘s Radian Cream Cleanser:

This soothing cosmeceutical cleanser featuring healing Vitamin E and Rose Otto will deliver a fresh hydrating cleanse while supporting the acid mantle with nourishing Essential Oils.

Step 2 - Calm Inflammation with ASI’s Vitamin B3 Complex

Topical application of Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide) has been shown to reduce skin inflammation by boosting hydration and reducing redness and scaling. 

Our highly active Vitamin B3 serum is formulated with skin friendly avocado and macadamia EFAs (essential fatty acids) that literally wrap themselves around the Niacinamide in order to deliver the vitamin B3 deep into the skin where it can calm eczema at a cellular level.

Read more on our blog - Niacinamide: The Quiet Superstar Ingredient

Step 3 - Moisturizer with ASI‘s Rejuvenating Day Cream + SPF

Full of super hydrating Hyaluronic Acid and protective zinc, the Rejuvenating Day Cream will help to support your skin’s health while also targeting fine lines, sensitivity, breakouts and uneven skin tone.

With the added benefit of natural sun protection derived from zinc, your skin will feel calm and protected without the need of thick and heavy, chemical sunblocks.

Step 4 - Cover with ASI’s Mineral Foundation

While it’s always best to avoid putting unnecessary products on eczema prone skin, it’s understandable if you prefer to conceal any redness or flare-ups. If you choose to do so, most dermatologists and skin specialists recommend using mineral makeup on eczema affected skin.

Available in both loose powder or a cream compact, ASI’s full coverage mineral foundation is preservative free and loaded with vitamins and minerals that actually help soothe and heal the skin.

Free of oils, talcs, fragrances and chemical preservatives we compound our mineral makeup so that with correct application, your skin will look flawless in minutes.

Read our blog - How Is Mineral Makeup Different to learn more.

PM Eczema Skin care Routine


Step 1 - Cleanse with ASI’s Rejuvenating Foaming Cleanser 

This potent cosmeceutical cleanser full of restorative Vitamin C, calming Chamomile, and stimulating Citric Acid will cleanse away the day's make-up and skin impurities while lightly exfoliating away dry, flakey skin build-up to smooth, freshen and improve skin performance.

Step 2 - Boost Healing And Recovery With ASI’s Multi-Peptide Serum

While you are sleeping, your skin is hard at work. Cell mitosis (the process your skin uses to repair and renew itself) is at its peak during the night. Our peptide serum is formulated with highly active peptides and growth factors that boost and support the skin’s natural biological process so the effects of eczema can be addressed at a cellular level. Learn more about how peptides work to improve skin function here.

Step 3 - Nourish With ASI’s Rejuvenating Night Treatment

A must have night-time face, eye and lip treatment that provides optimum skin support from the three most important Vitamins for skin.

This bedtime multivitamin boost is a potent cosmeceutical, bursting with restorative Vitamin C, calming Vitamin B3, and rejuvenating Vitamin A. The vitamins in this formulation are potent and designed to change the structure of the skin, improving hydration and inflammation while smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles. Read more about how our skin works at night in the ASI Journal.

ASI Is Here To Help You Manage Your Eczema

ASI - Australian Skin Institute products are at a new and revolutionary level of skin absorption; with a breakthrough nanotechnology process to create active results-driven skincare like never before.

This nanotechnology allows our products' unique Transdermal Delivery System to be 10 times more effective. This ensures each formulation penetrates into the deeper layers of your skin to deliver a higher concentration of active ingredients.

ASI’s potent formulations contain no BS (bad stuff)... they are vegan friendly, contain minimal ingredients and are freshly packed into beautiful airless dispensers, making them the perfect choice for any skin needing to manage Eczema

Want to know more?  Click here to chat to one of our ASI skincare experts, browse the complete line-up of ASI cosmeceutical skincare or join our ASI community for daily skin tips and support.  

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