Pillow Talk: Why Your Comfy Pillow May Be The Cause Of Your Skin Breakout

Before your head hits the pillow tonight… you may just want to stop and think when the last time you changed your pillow slip was. That’s because according to a 2013 study that looked at microorganisms that are living on the surfaces of our homes; your comfy pillow may actually be your skin’s worst nightmare.


The study discovered that your pillowcase is likely to have more bacteria than your toilet seat. If you haven’t replaced your actual pillow in the last two years It’s likely you are sleeping on a pile of your own sweat and oil build-up - a breeding ground for fungi and mould!


Each night, your body sheds around 15 million skin cells - a feast for the microscopic dust mites that call your bed home. The longer you go without washing your pillow slip the more food the little buggers will have.  Think of it this way, the more food they have, the more mite faeces (gross - I know!) you will be laying your freshly washed face in.


Although this all sounds very icky, most of it is actually quite harmless and poses no real threat to healthy skin. However if your skin’s Acid Mantel (the skin’s outer protective barrier) is already compromised, such as with an existing pimple, a cut, abrasion or even hair follicles that are sensitive after a recent waxing session, then a skin breakout can occur. 

Preventing Pillow Induced Skin Breakout:

Frequently replacing your pillows (at least every two years) and investing in antimicrobial pillows and pillow slips is the first step in preventing pillow induced allergies and skin breakout


However, face and hair oils, sweat, drool and residue from your cosmetics will still continue to accumulate in and on your pillow and pillow slip, even when these antimicrobial measures have been put into place. This build up will ultimately transfer right back on to your skin, clogging your pores with a cocktail of body residue that acne bacteria thrives on.


Therefore, changing your pillow slip on the regular is the best way to prevent pillow induced skin breakout. Once a week is fine if you don’t have any particular skin issues. If you suffer from Acne, Eczema, Rosacea, Psoriasis or have cuts or abrasions on your face or neck then you should sleep on a clean pillow slip every night!

ASI PRO TIP: Simply sleep on one side of your pillowcase the first night then flip that baby over for the second night. On the third night, swap your pillowcase out for a fresh one and start again.

Make sure you are following a good bed-time ritual for your skin. Don’t use aggressive cleansers or harsh exfoliants that dry and strip your natural oils, they are actually there to protect your skin from bacterial invasion. 


Instead, use a balancing cleanser such as ASI’s Rejuvenating Foaming Cleanser. You’ll get those squeaky clean, fresh face feels while keeping the integrity of your skin’s protective barrier intact. 


You can reduce the amount of dead skin cells accumulating on your pillow by regularly exfoliating with ASI’s AHA Power Exfoliant . This potent cosmeceutical product uses naturally active Glycolic and Lactic Acid with calming Chamomile to remove dead skin cells from the surface of your skin without scrubbing and is gentle enough to use two or three times a week.


Plus, f you love a little Dermal Roller action before bed… give your skin at least 30 minutes to settle before your face hits the pillow. This gives those tiny infusion channels made by your Dermal Roller a chance to close - reducing the chance of any post treatment contamination occurring. 

ASI PRO TIP: Be sure to pop on some ASI Vitamin C Serum every night before bed. Not only does this amazing cosmeceutical help to minimise environmental skin cell damage, slow down skin ageing and reduce pigmentation but vitamin C is also known as one of the best defenses against skin breakout - acting as an effective anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and wound healer.


Why ASI Is The Perfect Pillow Partner For Your Skin:

ASI - Australian Skin Institute products are at a new and revolutionary level of skin absorption; with a breakthrough nanotechnology process to create active results-driven skincare like never before.


This nanotechnology allows our products' unique Transdermal Delivery System to be 10 times more effective, ensuring each formulation penetrates into the deeper layers of your skin to deliver a higher concentration of active ingredients.


ASI’s potent formulations contain no BS (bad stuff)... they are vegan friendly, contain minimal ingredients and are freshly packed into beautiful airless dispensers, making them the perfect choice for fresh and clean bed-time skin.

Want to know more?  Our friendly ASI skin guru’s are online and ready to help you choose the correct products for your skin.  Simply click here to start chatting or shop our complete line-up of ASI skincare on the Australian Skin Institute website.

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