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Our Journey Towards Sustainable Skincare | The Future Way To Glow

Welcome to the new era of The Australian Skin Institute, where sustainable packaging and powerfully potent formulas are just the beginning. 

In case you missed it, we recently launched our new-look, circularly designed packaging with effortless refillable Capsule technology. Let's take a look at our journey towards sustainable skincare, how it all started and what you can expect from us in the future. 

Why we decided to make a change

As a company of creators, innovators and dreamers, we love creating breakthrough formulas and helping our customers fall in love with their skin. We're also a company that's passionate about sustainability, reducing our impact on the environment and ensuring we're using our resources responsibly - which is why we decided to begin our journey towards new Circular, recyclable & refillable skincare  packaging.

The beauty industry is responsible for producing around 120 billion units of packaging waste annually, much of which is single-use and unable to be recycled. Hearing these figures was absolutely heartbreaking, we knew it was something we couldn't ignore and wanted to be a part of the solution. And so, redeveloping our skincare packaging to be easily recyclable and refillable became our highest priority. 

A message from our incredible CEO, Francesca Webster

"As a company, we have an ethos of innovation, excellence, quality, and premium skincare with maximum results. This ethos is carried over to every aspect of our business operation, including our sustainability statement and recycling program. I truly love our planet and want to see it preserved for generations to come.

As a brand, I'm proud to say we are amongst the first of our kind to own the full packaging lifecycle from production to recycling. We’ve made a planet-conscious decision to design a revolutionary packaging alternative that—whilst costing more—is kind to the planet. Additionally, we are so pleased to continue manufacturing our formulations right here in sunny Brisbane, Australia, creating and supporting employment opportunities in our local Queensland community.

I can't wait for Australians to interact with our new airless, refillable, lock-and-load skincare capsules. My hope is our customers embrace this change and feel proud to support a brand that truly cares for both the well-being of skin health and our planet."

Francesca Webster
Founder & CEO


Did we change the formulas?

Our long-loved moisturisers are some of our original fan faves for a reason, and we wouldn't dream of changing the formulas! We are so proud of our powerfully potent formulas; it makes us jump for joy seeing your skin transformations. Trust us, our entire team has been missing our moisturisers just as much as you, if not more! So you can rest assured we worked day and night to have them back on your bathroom shelves as soon as possible. 

On that note, thank you to our beautiful skin lovers for being so patient with us throughout this transition. We have received hundreds of beautiful messages about how much you love our new vibrant Circular packaging. And no doubt your skin is delighted to be reunited with Skin Renewal Hero, All Day Hydration and The Daily Remedy

What sustainability means to us 

To us, sustainability is doing what we can to protect our planet. We will strive to continue leading by example and ensuring sustainability remains one of our core values. 

By 2025, the Australian Skin Institute is committed to reducing our packaging waste by 70%.

We know transitioning to new recyclable and refillable skincare packaging is only half the solution, which is why we launched out Beauty Drop Reycling Program. 

The Beauty Drop Recycling Program 

As a skincare company committed to creating innovative and effective formulations while keeping our planet's protection and preservation in mind, we are always striving to do better.

In line with our sustainability goals, we are working with TerraCycle® to recycle the unrecyclable through our Beauty Drop program.

Next time you run out of your favourite Australian Skin Institute skincare products, send us your empties, and we'll ship them off to TerraCycle®, where they'll be transformed into new products! Find out more here. 

See how TerraCycle® recycles the unrecyclable.

What comes next 

We are so excited to share our serums will be launching in fresh, sustainable, Circular packaging in early 2023! There may even be a sneaky new product or two... Stay tuned! 

Over time you can expect to see more and more of your favourite Australian Skin Institute skincare products in new-look sustainable packaging. Our commitment to sustainable skincare isn't an overnight switch but rather a long-term goal. This means you'll see a mix of new and original packaging while we transition. A slower transition allows us to be more sustainable and ensure none of our original packaging ends up as unnecessary waste. 

You can be sure that when you purchase any of our skincare products, you're not only taking care of your skin; you're taking care of the planet. 

Discover the future way to glow—Shop Circular skincare. 

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