Men’s Skin...Why is it different?

Men’s Skin...Why is it different?

The idea that women are the only ones concerned with their skin is rapidly fading. The men of today are barefaced and embracing new personal habits aimed at improving their skin and maintaining that youthful glow.

Men’s skin is naturally oiler than women’s, and everything from heat and friction, to sun and stress are known triggers for oil production. Fortunately this is a very good ‘problem’ should we say, to have. A naturally oily skin is usually thicker and smoother and has the following benefits:

  • Oily skin enjoys more natural sun protection
  • Oily skin is more resistant to wrinkles
  • Oily skin requires smaller amounts of skin care products

    Don’t be fooled though, oily skin still needs to be cared for or else the following nasties may rear their heads:


  • Clogged pores ie. Black heads
  • Break outs
  • That 3pm oil slick
  • Dehydration….YES, even though you have an oily skin you can still be super dehydrated.

    Our 3 top tips to for all men to implement a daily skincare routine are:


  • Cleanse! This is the starting point, the number one, the crucial step in keeping your skin clean, clear and fresh. A good cleanser should be used morning and night to clear away the oil, perspiration, bacteria and any dirt/environmental pollution from your skin.

    ASI Rejuvenating Foaming Cleanser


  • Exfoliate! And no, not with a loofah...eeek! As men’s skin is naturally thicker this means the production of new skin cells is higher. Therefore, if you don’t exfoliate, the old skin cells will stay there and build up on the surface causing all kinds of unpleasantries like; blackheads (NO!) and breakouts (GET!) 

    ASI AHA Power Exfoliant 


  • Moisturise! After you cleanse and exfoliate, your skin is a fresh canvas ready to be nourished. Invest in a good moisturiser for your skin type, this will keep your skin youthful, smooth and hydrated. 

  • ASI Rejuvenating Day Cream with SPF


    Of course, you could add in some more steps in and around these to really take your skincare routine to the level.

    The next advice would be to throw in an eye cream to keep those eye wrinkles at bay and maybe a weekly hydration mask...okay we’ll stop now. Albeit, the 3 steps of Cleanse, Exfoliate and Moisturise are an amazing place to start!

    ASI HydraLift Eye Gel

    ASI Purifying Hydration Mask


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