Layered Up Morning Ritual:  How to layer your ASI skincare in the correct order.

Layered Up Morning Ritual: How to layer your ASI skincare in the correct order.

Ever wondered why skincare products come in different textures and consistencies?  It’s not just for show.  In fact, when it comes to building your perfect skincare ritual, not only is what you put on your skin important, but also the order in which you apply each product can make a huge difference to the results you will achieve from your skincare.

The skin is made up of different layers, each with its own unique set of attributes and cellular functions.  Some skincare ingredients need to penetrate deep into the skin to target cellular activity in the dermis (like promoting collagen production and targeting pigmentation) while other ingredients are more beneficial to the surface of the skin (epidermis), like cleansers and sunblock.  The consistency of the products together with the order in which you layer each of them is crucial to a successful skincare ritual.

Here are 3 steps to creating your perfectly layered ASI skincare ritual for the mornings:

Step 1: Always cleanse first!  

It should go without saying that giving your skin a good cleanse is a non-negotiable first step of any good skincare routine.   And when it comes to morning rituals, if you’re a ‘splash your face with water’ kind of gal’ then listen up.  Just because you cleansed your skin before going to be the night before doesn’t mean your skin is still clean in the morning.  In fact, while you were sleeping your skin was hard at work purging and repairing itself… leaving a layer of dead skin cells and oily secretions on the surface.  A simple splash of water isn’t going to cut it.  

Radiant Cream Cleanser:  A potent cosmeceutical cleanser with nourishing vitamin E, Rose Otto, and calming Essential Oils. This is the perfect first step for a mature,  dry or sensitive skin.  The creamy consistency will remove excess oils without over stripping the skin, leaving it feeling fresh, hydrated and ready to follow up with your next step.

Rejuvenating Foaming Cleanser:  Full of restorative vitamin C, calming Chamomile, and stimulating Citric Acid. The Rejuvenating Foaming Cleanser is perfect for all skin types, especially oily/acne and combinations skins.  Its foamy consistency perfectly breaks down excess oil and dead skin build up while being thin enough to flush in and out of pores to remove impurities and combat bacteria.

Step 2: Give your skin a treat.

If your skin is due for a boosting treatment then this step is the time to do it.  Whether it be an exfoliating peel with the AHA Power Exfoliant, a Dermal Roller sesh or hydrating treatment mask like the Purifying Hydration Mask or Dermal Facelift Mask … working on perfectly clean skin will ensure the active ingredients will penetrate unhindered by any oil or product residue on the surface of the skin.  Basically don’t try and exfoliate or pop a mask on after you have already applied your moisturiser or serums!

Step 3:  Go from thin to thick.

An easy rule to remember when trying to work out which order to use your ASI cosmeceuticles is to apply your products from thinnest to thickest consistency.  This includes vitamins and serums as well… use the ones with a more fluid consistency first, then follow with gel-like, then balm-like and finally creamy textured last.

Thinnest:  On clean dry skin, start with ASI’s Hydralift Eye Gel first, apply it around and over the eye area then complete the entire face with Multi Peptide Serum (for mature skins) or Pure Hydration Concentrate for all other skin types.  Each of these serums contain Hyaluronic Acid, a molecule that has the ability to hold 1000 times its weight in water; drenching your skin with hydration and making it more absorbent, meaning that what ever you put on your skin next will penetrate quickly and effectively.

Medium:  This is when you apply your vitamins.  ASI formulates its skincare using unique nanotechnology (super tiny molecules); and a Transdermal Delivery System that wraps active ingredients in EFAs; essential fatty acids naturally found in the skin.   Sourced from Macadamia and Avocado oil, your skin recognises these EFAs’s as ‘friendly’ and will eagerly absorb them down into the deeper layers of your skin to deliver a higher concentration of active ingredients.

In the mornings, layer Vitamin B3 and vitamin C in that order to enhance skin clarity, cellular function and boosts collagen and elastin production.

On a side note:  Do not use Vitamin A in the mornings… this is strictly a night time only product due to its adverse reactions to sun exposure.

Thickest:  Last but not least, finish off your morning skin ritual with a good layer of moisturiser and sun protection.  If you have a sensitised skin or a skin that is recovering from a sensitising treatment or sunburn, try ASI R3 Cream for its anti-inflammatory and restorative properties.  Otherwise, the Rejuvenating Day Cream is the perfect daytime all-rounder.  Full of  illuminating Vitamin B3, hydrating Hyaluronic Acid, and protective zinc it will restore and enhance your skin’s health and has the added benefits of SPF protection.  For extra protection on days when you will be spending time in the sun, finish off your morning ritual by applying a final layer of Daylight Defence SPF 5+ sun protection.  A high broad spectrum UVA and UVB protector, it’s water-resistant, non-greasy and quick drying so you can wear it under your make-up without feeling gluggy.

Some Pro-tip takeaways: 

While most of us are in a rush to get out the door in the mornings, it’s worth an extra couple of minutes to ensure you are allowing your skincare products have the time they need to effectively absorb into the skin.  Wait a minute between layering to ensure each has penetrated before moving on to the next and don’t forget your neck, décolletage and back of hands!... your future self will thank you for it.

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