How to Use AHA Exfoliants and BHA Products to Reveal Youthful Skin

How to Use AHA Exfoliants and BHA Products to Reveal Youthful Skin

Alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) and beta hydroxy acids (BHAs) are chemical exfoliating cleansers found in masks, peels, moisturizers, toners, and other skin care products. They remove dead skin cells, boost collagen development, improve skin texture, unclog pores, reduce inflammation, and minimise pores and fine lines. The use of products containing these acids reveals younger skin cells and brings out a healthier appearance. Gain a better understanding of how AHA exfoliants and BHA products are good for your skin and give you a more youthful and radiant look:

How Do I Use AHA and BHA Exfoliants?

Here are a few skin care tips on the use of AHA exfoliants and BHA products to create a clear complexion.

  • Before using either exfoliant begin by washing your face with your normal cleanser.
  • Apply the exfoliant over your face, neck, neckline, and the tops of your hands.
  • Allow a few minutes to pass so that the chemical exfoliant can absorb completely into your skin.
  • Do the same using products in serum or gel form.
  • Apply exfoliant peels in a way similar to mask application.
  • Rinse them off or peel them away after a few minutes.
Always check your exfoliant's product label before use. Be certain that you are using the product as intended.

    Primary Differences Between AHAs and BHAs

    While AHA exfoliants and BHA products are similar in some ways, they have several differences. Alpha hydroxy acids are found naturally in fruit, milk, sugarcane, and other foods. They even out your skin tone, lock in moisture, and reduce scars and wrinkles. They are perfect for dry skin that is more prone to weakening than other types. Beta hydroxy acids increase the renewal rate of skin cells, are an effective treatment for acne, whiteheads, and blackheads, and reduce redness and inflammation. They are ideal for skin prone to sensitivity and rosacea.

    Can AHAs and BHAs Be Combined?

    It is possible to combine AHAs and BHAs. Do this by applying a mixture of both products once per day or by alternating their use. If you intend to mix products, be sure that their pH levels do not clash, cleanse and tone your face, and apply them simultaneously. If you intend to alternate their use, cleanse and tone your face, then check the consistency of both chemical exfoliants. Apply the exfoliating cleanser with the thinnest consistency first, followed by the one with the thickest consistency. There is no need to wait before applying the thicker product. Apply both products no more than one time a day.

    Can AHAs and BHAs Be Used Together?

    AHA and BHA products can be used together. If you choose to alternate between an AHA product and a BHA one, use only one each day. You may decide to alternate between AHA and BHA products weekly. Some choose to use BHA products in the morning and AHA products in the evening. This last skin care schedule is ideal for those with sun damage or skin prone to acne.

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