How to freshen up your makeup in one minute?

How to freshen up your makeup in one minute?


Today we are sharing our tips to freshen up your make-up in one minute and be ready to go out and party on Friday night after a long week at work!

Step 1: Makeup Primer!

A makeup primer creates an extra layer between your skin and makeup. 

Using a primer will help your makeup last longer but also smooth your skin, and even out your skin tone.

The ASI Vitamin C Serum can be used as a dual treatment and makeup primer.

When used as a makeup primer, a pea sized amount is all that is necessary for the entire face.

You can also choose to apply only to the darker areas of your face, below the eyes, under the eyebrow, above the upper lip and on the chin for a dewy finish.

Step 2: Illuminate!

Apply the ASI Cream Mineral Foundation which is the very best make-up product for making your skin glow.

This buildable cream mineral foundation is preservative free and loaded with vitamins and minerals!

Tap it onto the skin and straight away your skin looks lighter and brighter.

Step 3: Flawless finish!

Use the ASI Loose Mineral Powder to buff onto face with a kabuki brush until you receive the desired coverage.

The pigments will blend beautifully with your skin and will allow you a flawless look for hours! 

 So here you are, ready for a night out!



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