How to cleanse your face using the Facial Cleansing Brush?

How to cleanse your face using the Facial Cleansing Brush?

Cleansing is one of the most important steps in your skincare routine.

 It removes makeup, unwanted oil and dead skin cells and it also helps to maintain skin’s natural moisture balance.

The ASI Facial Cleansing Brush is a compact and gentle cleansing applicator that stimulates circulation, improves skin tone, texture, and delivers superior cleansing results.

1st step - Pre Cleanse

Begin by using a cleanser like ASI’s Radiant Cream Cleanser. It will effectively remove and break down makeup and pollutants by nourishing the skin with vitamins and humectants.

Apply on wet cotton rounds and wipe over skin.

Great to use as a cream cleanser for dry or sensitive skin due to the calming and healing ingredients (nourishing Vitamin E, Rose Otto, and calming Essential Oils).

2nd step - Treatment Cleanser + Facial Cleansing Brush

Follow with ASI’s Rejuvenating Foaming Cleanser, containing Citric Acid and Vitamin C, which will help to exfoliate and resurface, while leaving your skin fresh and clear.

For a deep and thorough cleanse use your Facial Cleansing Brush.

Dampen brush and dispense 0.50ml (2 pumps) of cleanser onto bristle surface.

Move brush over face in circular motions, including firmly closed eyes. 

Rinse face thoroughly. 

Wash remaining product from brush, remove excess water and leave out to dry.

Wash your brush after each use.

The ASI team top tips:

-Use your brush in the shower for a quick but deep and effective cleanse 

-Rinse your brush after use and leave it to air-dry naturally. Avoid leaving it in a humid environment.

-Don’t share your Facial Cleansing Brush! Think of all the dirt, oil, dead skin cells, and bacteria you clean off your face on a daily basis.

-We would recommend changing your brush every 6 months.



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