How to build a skincare routine - woman cleansing her face - what cleanser should I use?

How To Build An Effective Skincare Routine With The Australian Skin Institute

Skincare is trending like never before, which is terrific! New products and technology bring an opportunity to achieve your best skin ever. The downside is that it can get a little overwhelming because there are so many factors that contribute to building an effective skincare routine like;

  • When you apply your skincare

  • How you use your skincare

  • Which order you apply your skincare

  • The ingredients in your skincare

  • How frequently you apply each product 

    The truth is, it's completely personal. You should always tailor your skincare routine to your skin's unique needs. That product your friend keeps raving about with her breakout-free-flawless-skin, might make your skin breakout. You have to find what works best for YOU. 


    So let's break it down! 

    When starting a new skincare regimen, trying lots of different products can be tempting. After all, you want to see results fast, right?

    Well… no. 

    You see, your skin is like a plant. It needs certain foundations to thrive. If you don't water it every day, it won't live long, and if you try to change something about how you're caring for it too quickly, it will likely look a little sad. 

    The same goes for skincare. It's important not to overwhelm your skin or yourself. You need to consistently get the foundations of your skincare routine right before adding in other products. So, what are the foundations of an effective skincare routine? They're pretty simple: cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturise. That's it!


    Step 1: Cleanse

    Woman cleansing her skin - cleansing tips - how to pick the right cleanser

    Cleansing is one of the most important steps in any skincare routine. It lifts away makeup, dirt, and oil. All while prepping your skin to drink in the benefits of the rest of your skincare routine.

    Not all cleansers are created equal, and no one cleanser is suitable for every skin type. Many cleansers contain harsh ingredients that can leave your skin feeling tight or dry. That's when you know you're in ‘stripping territory’. Stripping leads to excess oil production and many other problems like sensitivity.

    Look for a cleanser that's gentle yet effective and suitable for your skin type.

    The Australian Skin Institute’s Rejuvenating Foaming Cleanser works wonders on normal, combination, and oily skin types. It's nourishing and hydrating and targets fine lines, wrinkles, breakouts, and uneven skin tone. All while soothing and replenishing your skin. Use this cleanser morning and night to double cleanse.

    On the other hand, if your skin type is sensitive or dry, look for a cleanser that calms your skin as it washes away makeup residue and impurities. The Australian Skin Institute’s Radiant Cream Cleanser is just what you need. Infused with nourishing Vitamin E, Rose Otto, and calming Essential Oils it will help to restore your skin's soft and suppleness. Use this cleanser morning and night to double cleanse.

    One last cleansing tip: if you're wearing makeup, try using the Radiant Cream Cleanser as a pre-cleanse before following on with the Rejuvenating Foaming Cleanser. Your makeup will melt away!


    Step 2: Exfoliate

    Woman exfoliating her skin - exfoliating tips - how to pick the right exfoliant

    Do you ever feel like you're using every hydrating product under the sun, yet your skin still feels dehydrated? Maybe your skin feels dull and uneven?

    There's a solution! Exfoliating!

    Exfoliating is a step that so many people skip, but it's crucial for revealing brighter, smoother and hydrated skin. There are a tonne of different options out there. Including physical exfoliants (the ones with tiny beads) that can be pretty damaging to your skin and bad for the environment. Why risk it? A gentle chemical exfoliant is much more effective and leaves no risk of micro-tearing.

    Suitable for all skin types, we recommend using our AHA Power Exfoliant 2-3 times a week. 

    This exfoliant sweeps away dead skin cells to renew the skin's surface, encourage healthy skin cell formation, and stimulate collagen and elastin while hydrating and calming the skin.


    Step 3: Moisturise 

    Woman moisturising her face - picking the right moisturiser - moisturiser tipss

    Don't think of your moisturiser as just another layer on your face. It's more like a security guard for your skin, protecting it from whatever life throws at it. When you apply it daily, you're creating a barrier against the harsh elements of the day, locking in moisture and keeping out pollutants and irritants that might dry out or break down your skin.

    The best thing about the Australian Skin Institute’s day and night creams is they are suitable for ALL skin types. Hooray for simplicity! 

    Rejuvenate your skin with the Rejuvenating Day Cream. This ultra-hydrating cream will restore and enhance your skin to its optimal health by visually reducing fine lines & wrinkles while fighting dryness and dehydration, breakouts, and uneven skin tone.

    It's hard to find a product that can do it all, but this Rejuvenating Night Treatment is the exception to the rule. This moisturiser replenishes and restores your skin with a winning combination of Vitamin C, Vitamin B3, and Vitamin A. The best part? This product will restructure your skin, improve hydration, and reduce acne & congestion all while you get your beauty sleep! 

    Use your day cream in the morning and your night cream at night. So simple. We love!

    And there you have it, our simple guide to building an effective skincare routine. But the fun doesn't stop here!

    Now that you’ve got the foundations right, let’s turn things up a notch! Stay tuned for part two, where we will cover picking the right serums for your skin concerns.

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