Hit the reset button on your skin with ASI Dermal Skin Roller

Hit the reset button on your skin with ASI Dermal Skin Roller

Like a magic wand for skin the ASI Dermal Skin Roller will help you in restoring and maintaining your skin’s health and vitality by encouraging cellular turnover (that’s tech talk for - ‘growing baby smooth skin’),  increasing  collagen production and reversing imperfections such as pigmentation and acne by hitting the reset button in your skin!

Let’s take the quick tour of the ASI Dermal Skin Roller and how it works:

This easy to use hand-held device is topped with a mini cylinder covered in hundreds of tiny, surgical steel needles. When rolled over the skin the needles create thousands of microscopic channels down into the deeper layers of the skin.  Sounds painful?  Not really, just a little prickly but trust me, this little bit of discomfort is worth the results!

You see, each one of those tiny pin pricks is not only a channel but also a microscopic fractionalised wound.  Fractionalised meaning that only a very minute area of the skin is wounded and the skin surrounding each channel is left intact and unaffected. Kind of like a pixelated image.   This is important for quick and effective healing with no visible down time… so you can roll away several times a week without anyone knowing how you keep yourself looking so young!.

Now, the amazing part is this… those tiny pin prick/channels/wounds have a dual effect.  Yep, who doesn’t love a 2 for the price of 1!  Firstly, the channels themselves become the perfect slip-lane for your favorite skin actives to penetrate deeper into the skin where they are needed most.  Your Vitamin C, Vitamin A, B3 and Hydration Serums can all now bypass the layers of dead skin sitting on the surface and arrive at their destination more effectively.

Secondly, by causing these fractionalised wounds, we are triggering the skin’s wound healing response causing various growth factors to be released and neocollagenesis to begin  (that’s the fancy term for ‘growing collagen’).

How to use the ASI Dermal Roller:

Start by using your ASI roller once a week in the evening but at least an hour or so before bed.  It’s best to do this at night as your skin will look a little flushed and can feel a bit prickly and remember... you are creating those tiny little micro wounds so you want to just give your skin some time to settle before your face hits the pillow.  As you and your skin get accustomed to the Dermal Rolling, work your way to rolling 2 or 3 times a week (every other day).

The rolling technique is quite simply done in a grid pattern over each section of the face making sure that you are rolling strictly up and down, side to side then diagonally without ‘sliding’ the roller across the skin as you move.  Check out our video to see the correct use of the ASI Dermal Roller.


My personal tip is to puff out your cheeks and hold them puffed tight while you dermal roll over this area and press your lips together to get better access to your upper lip area.  You can go ahead and dermal roll over your actual lips but slowly and gently does it.


Follow these steps for the perfect ASI Dermal Rolling routine:


1: Cleanse with ASI Radiant Cleansing Cream to remove make-up or surface oil and environmental pollutants.  Rinse thoroughly and pat your skin dry.


2: Second cleanse with ASI Rejuvenating Foaming Cleaner  to deep clean pores, kill surface bacteria and activate cellular turnover.  Rinse thoroughly and pat your skin dry.


3: Apply a couple of pumps of Pure Hydration Concentrate to act as a bit of a slip medium and to deeply hydrate your skin as you roll.  Puree Hydration Concentrate also acts as a magnet which will draw down your vitamin serums deep into the skin when applied in the following steps.


4: Perform your ASI Dermal Rolling treatment as per the video.


5: Apply your favorite ASI Vitamin serum such as Vitamin A, Vitamin B3 or Vitamin C or opt for ASI’s Multi-Peptide Serum for an anti-aging collagen and elastin boost.  


5: Finish by applying a couple of pumps of Rejuvenating Night Cream.

Not sure which ASI products are right for you?


Feel free to talk to our online Virtual Beauty Advisor at www.australianskininstitute.com.au 


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