Don’t Brush It Aside! The benefits of using a Facial Cleansing Brush On Your Skin

Don’t Brush It Aside! The benefits of using a Facial Cleansing Brush On Your Skin

It goes without saying that cleansing your skin is the most important step in your skincare routine.  It removes make-up, excess oil and dead skin build-up as well as giving you those all over fresh-faced feels that make you want to drop the bathrobe and run through an open field with the wind in your hair… wait a minute… (clears throat)... that’s my #squadgoal!

Anyway, we all get it… cleansing is important.  But if you’re anything like me (naked field romp aside) sometimes your skin may need a little more than your usual cleanse and rinse.  

Maybe your skin is feeling a little extra oily today, or you wake up with a layer of flakiness that makes it hard to get your make-up on right.  Maybe, you suddenly notice a bunch of  blackheads on your nose that you swear were not there the day before, or you’re skin is simply looking and feeling a little dull.  On these days, you may be wishing that your cleanser had a ‘turbo button’ you could magically press.  A way to power up your cleansing ritual without having to change or add a different product to your routine.  Well, that’s exactly the precise moment when you should whip out your Facial Cleansing Brush!   

The ASI Facial Cleansing Brush is made of ultra-soft and luxurious, synthetic bristles that collect oil, make-up and other impurities without feeling scratchy and harsh on the skin.  Used in conjunction with your preferred cleanser or skin wash, these bristles will not only assist in instantly removing that fuzzy, furry layer of dead skin cells, but they will also work themselves into the skin’s pores to flick out any dirt, excess oil and congestion that is trapped beyond the surface of the skin. 

Crafted with a natural, ergonomic bamboo handle, the ASI Facial Cleansing Brush is totally Vegan and easy to keep clean and bacteria free making it the perfect buddy for all skin types but especially sensitive and acne-prone skin.  

Why sensitive and acne-prone skin in particular?... I hear you ask. 


Brushing for Sensitive Skin

Well for starters, when it comes to exfoliating a sensitive skin, using a facial cleansing brush means you don’t need to add another product to your routine - keeping your routine simple and ingredient exposure low so that there’s no risk of introducing another reactor to your skin.  Also, most traditional style exfoliators such as scrubs and AHA based peels are often too harsh for a sensitive skins (click here to read more about peels for sensitive skins).  

Using a Facial Cleansing Brush means a sensitive skin can control the intensity of the exfoliation while using products and ingredients (from your favourite cleanser) that your skin is familiar with and can already tolerate.


Brushing for Acne-Prone Skin

For an acne-prone skin, using a Facial Cleansing Brush will assist in reducing the population of p-bacteria on the surface of the skin by controlling excess oil secretions, removing dead skin build-up and flick out impurities from the skin’s pores - creating a clean, oxygenated environment that will send those acne causing bacteria packing.  

Best of all, exfoliating with a Facial Cleansing Brush means that you don’t need to opt for harsher, often drying acne treatments to control the bacteria, and you won’t need to use granular scrubs or AHA peels that can often irritate an inflamed acne skin (click here to find out the 7 bad habits that may be causing your Acne - and scrubbing to hard is one of them!)


Brushing for Anti-Ageing

And a Facial Cleansing Brush is anti-ageing too!  How?  Well, those super soft bristles will actually stimulate blood circulation at the surface of the skin, increasing blood flow to improve nutrient distribution within the skin - vitamins and minerals within our body that the skin utilises to function properly and maintain its elasticity and hydration.  So if you want to keep your skin looking glowy and vibrant… the humble Facial Cleansing Brush is totally the bff you never knew you needed.  


How To Use The ASI Facial Cleansing Brush

1st step - Pre Cleanse: 

  1. Begin by using a cleanser like ASI’s Radiant Cream Cleanser.  It will effectively remove and break down makeup and pollutants by nourishing the skin with vitamins and humectants.
  2. Apply on wet cotton rounds and wipe over skin.
  3. Great to use as a cream cleanser for dry or sensitive skin due to the calming and healing ingredients (nourishing Vitamin E, Rose Otto, and calming Essential Oils).

2nd step - Treatment Cleanser + Facial Cleansing Brush:

  1. Follow with ASI’s Rejuvenating Foaming Cleanser, containing Citric Acid and Vitamin C, which will help to exfoliate and resurface, while leaving your skin fresh and clear.
  2. Dampen brush and dispense 0.50ml (2 pumps) of cleanser onto bristle surface.
  3. Move brush over face in circular motions, including firmly closed eyes. 
  4. Rinse face thoroughly. 
  5. Wash remaining product from brush, remove excess water and leave out to dry.
  6. Wash your brush after each use.


The ASI Team Top Tips

  • Use your brush in the shower for a quick but deep and effective cleanse 
  • Rinse your brush after use and leave it to air-dry naturally. Avoid leaving it in a humid environment.
  • Don’t share your Facial Cleansing Brush!  It would be like sharing your toothbrush!
  • We would recommend changing your brush every 6 months.
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