Dermal roller - how to use for skin rejuvenation?

Dermal roller - how to use for skin rejuvenation?

The ASI Dermal Roller device allows you to take advanced skin treatments home! Performing this treatment 2 -3 times a week will result in rejuvenated skin. 

With an increase in collagen production you can expect faded scarring, plump and hydrated skin.


How does it work?

Dermal roller  is an at-home skin needling device.

It works by creating microscopic channels on the skin's surface to stimulate the skin’s healing process.

This means that it stimulates Collagen and Elastin production as the skin heals itself.

Can you use it on any skin?


It can help to improve the effectiveness of serums and moisturises by penetrating the skin at a deeper level.

Dermal rolling is perfect for hydrating lips, plumping stretch marks and stimulating hair growth.

As with any skin treatments, do not use your roller with open sores, infections, acne, or if you have a history with increased scarring or a poor immune system. Those with thinner skin may wish to avoid excess rolling to prevent an increased risk of bleeding.

How do you clean the dermal roller?

Clean your Dermal roller by rinsing under hot water or with a sterilising agent. Store in it’s container and keep in  a cool, dry place.

What is the difference between 0.25mm and 0.75mm?

0.25mm - Smaller rollers are for pigmentation correction, fine lines, dehydration, congestion, and uneven skin tone. 

0.75mm - Larger rollers can be used to reverse body scarring, hair loss, stretch marks, and skin texture. The smaller rollers are typically used for the face and larger ones for the rest of the body.

How often to use a dermal roller?

Rolling is good for your skin, in moderation. Your skin needs time to heal before your next treatment. Two to three times per week should be enough to show results. More frequently could cause more harm than good. A good rule of thumb when beginning your rolling journey is to start with one treatment a week and increase when you don't see signs of potential problems occurring.


Top products to include in your after rolling routine include the vitamins naturally present in your skin. Vitamins like A, B3, C improve the quality and elasticity of your skin. Add a hydration concentrate or mask to improve the plumpness of your skin and help it remain healthy. Use the dermal facelift mask here to aid your roller in preventing the signs of ageing and increase hydration at the same time.

Dermal rolling not only helps your face look and feel better, but it can help all over your body. Use your Dermal roller to regain your beautiful, radiant, glowing healthy skin. Use your ASI @ Home Dermal Rolling Kit to enhance your natural beauty. 

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