Dermal Roller - How to use for hair rejuvenation?

Dermal Roller - How to use for hair rejuvenation?

Hair loss and thinning is a major concern affecting many males and females. Until recently, there were few options available on the market to assist with hair regrowth.

ASI has recently introduced the Dermal Rolling Professional Kit, that can help stimulate and re-activate the pathways in the hair follicle.

  The Dermal Roller device consists of 540 very fine, diamond tip surgical stainless steel needles that create channels in the skin stimulating collagen production. 

It works by releasing a wound healing response in the deeper levels in the skin to increase collagen, elastin and growth factors. 

Dermal rolling activates the body’s natural wound healing response and this response can be utilised to reverse Androgenetic Alopecia (a common form of hair loss/hair recessing or thinning). 

The Needling action re-activates the pathways in the hair follicle, activates a release of growth factors and stimulates the Stem Cells. 

The combination of these three actions helps to strengthen the hair follicle to support thicker, terminal hair.

You can also use the Dermal rolling kit on your face and body and expect reduced body and face scarring, reduced/prevented stretch marks, improved skin tone and texture. 

If you have concerns about hair thinning, hair loss or balding, book in for a FREE Online Consultation with one of our Professional Beauty Therapists for a tailored hair loss program and recommendation with products!



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