A skin mask for any situation:  The one and only clay mask you need in your vanity!

A skin mask for any situation: The one and only clay mask you need in your vanity!

It’s no secret that skin masks are making a come back.  Yasss, queens… I see you with your gold leaf sheet masks and your charcoal foam selfies; clocking up some insta-worthy moments is always fun but when your skin needs some serious TLC then reach for ASI’s Purifying Hydration Mask.  

This potent cosmeceutical mask is the real deal!  Packed with detoxifying volcanic clays of Bentonite and Kaolin plus hydrating Hyaluronic Acid, this multi-purpose must-have is not only perfect for any skin sitch you may have going on but also contains a skin perfecting peptide that will have your skin glowing brighter than your snap-on ring-light!  Here’s why:

PHM deeply cleans while building a healthy skin barrier:

Unlike many clay based masks that strip the skin of its natural oils and jeopardise its barrier function; the Purifying Hydration Mask works to deeply clean your skin while supporting its function and maintaining its integrity. 

Australian Skin Institute’s Product Developer and Skin Science Trainer, Chelsea Wonka, explains;  “The Purifying Hydration Mask is a unique mask with many amazing benefits.  It has the ability to detoxify, hydrate and brighten the skin all in one. This mask also works to allow oxygen into the skin - encourage your skin to heal itself and function properly with an increased skin health and barrier function”.

The Bentonite and Kaolin clays, composed of aged volcanic ash, have the ability to fight and destroy bacteria and yeast (important particularly in summer’s hot, humid conditions) while it’s high sulphur content slows down the ageing process by protecting the skin against environmental aggressors like pollution and UV radiation.

Plus, the added advanced Perfection Peptides no only promote collagen and elastin production to keep the skin looking plumped and firm, but also promote wound healing and redness so it’s perfect for sensitive or inflamed skins that suffer from eczema, psoriasis or dermatitis.

If you have oily skin:

Chelsea recommends using this product twice a week on the nights that you exfoliate with AHA Power Exfoliant.  “Leave this mask on overnight to allow our Bentonite and Kaolin clays to absorb any unwanted toxins then in the morning, simply cleanse away any residue and pop on some Pure Hydration Concentrate and your favourite SPF sun protection.

If you have dehydrated/ageing skin:

If you are concerned with dehydration or ageing, use this mask following a home Dermal Roller sesh.  This will allow the hyaluronic acid to rehydrate the skin. Chelsea explains, “This ingredient holds 1000 times its weight in water and acts as a big glass of water for the skin”. Remove the mask after 15 minutes and follow with your favourite serum and Rejuvenating Night Treatment.


If you have sensitive skin:

If sensitivity is your concern then Chelsea recommends double layering  the mask and leave on for 40 minutes. “The Perfection Peptides will help to heal the skin and reduce redness. After removing the mask, give your skin a double dose of hyaluronic acid by following with our Pure Hydration Concentrate and finishing with our healing zinc based Rejuvenating Day Cream to keep your skin calm and protected”, she says.
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