8 Health Benefits Food high in Vitamin B3

8 Health Benefits Food high in Vitamin B3

Vitamin B3 aka Niacin is considered to be a “Wonder Vitamin” that makes your skin radiate and boosts several other vital functions of your body. Niacin is found in a variety of foods including turkey,  eggs, curd, brewer’s yeasts, legumes, peanuts, brown rice, barley, oats, milk, wheat flakes tuna fish, turkey, meat, cheese and potatoes. Even the foods like cereals and bread have a very high content of niacin.

Some of the health benefits of consuming foods rich in Vitamin B3 include maintaining a healthy skin, boosting blood circulation, improving memory power, helping the digesting track in absorbing proteins, fats and carbohydrates, reducing arthritis symptoms, and even helping people suffering from schizophrenia. However, the biggest benefit of Vitamin B3 is that it helps in lowering and controlling cholesterol levels in our body.

There are several other benefits of using vitamin B3 and you can get the niacin supplement from the nearby or online pharmacies. However, it’s better to first visit your dietician or doctor prior to including Vitamin B3 supplements in your diet.

Here is a detailed outline of the benefits of using Vitamin B3:


The functioning of the human digestive system is immensely boosted by Vitamin B3, which comes under the group of B-complex vitamins. Ultimately all this helps in improving our appetite and also aiding in the proper functioning of the nerves.   


People suffering from health ailments such as skin irritation, pellagra, digestive problems and weak muscles usually have severe deficiency of vitamin B3. Including higher doses of Niacin supplements in the diet helps these individuals in effectively countering these problems.


If you’re able to include higher doses of Niacin in your diet then it will certainly help you in curbing the rising cholesterol levels in your body. LDL or bad cholesterol in the body can be effectively decreased by including 1000mg of vitamin B3 in your can boost HDL or good cholesterol in your body while preventing fatal conditions like atherosclerosis.


Niacin or Vitamin B3 is water soluble and can easily travel in the human blood stream, which gives the body the option to flush out excess vitamin during urination. Thus, it becomes easier for the humans to administer this vitamin in the form of liquid and food. Your body needs a regular supply or Vitamin B3 and the best way to do so is include the Niacin supplements in your regular diet.


Boosts Sexual Performance

If you really wish to boost the sex hormones in your body then include Niacin in your regular diet. Individuals suffering from sexual disorders like erectile dysfunction and impotency are often advised to take higher doses of Niacin.

Improves Energy Levels

Vitamin B3 is considered to be a Super Vitamin as it has the unique capability of aiding the body in converting, carbohydrates, fats and protein into energy. Thus, if you are suffering from energy deficiency then you can include Vitamin B3 supplements in your regular diet.

Boosts Mental Health

Psychological disorders like Schizophrenia and other mental conditions can be cured with the help of Vitamin B3 supplements along with other drugs.  

Control Diabetes

High blood sugar levels and diabetes can be treated with the help of Niacin as it helps in controlling the HB1AC levels.  Supplementary forms of Niacin helps in boosting other vital functions of the body, which has a direct impact on blood sugar levels of the body. Doses of just 15 to 18 mg in a day can immensely improve the overall health of an individual while giving their skin the perfect radiance.

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