7 Anti-Aging Beauty Routine for Youthful Skin

7 Anti-Aging Beauty Routine for Youthful Skin

Our skin is constantly changing, just as we are. It grows, shrinks, scars, burns, freckles, and flakes. Your skin type and the condition of your complexion are a reflection of your genetics as well as your lifestyle. There are various routines and treatment options, whether your concerns are dry skin or excess oils, aging or acne. In any case, everyone could benefit from a little self care. Our 7 steps to anti-aging smoothes out fine lines while preventing further wrinkling and pigmentation. 

7 Steps to Anti-Aging for Radiant Youthful Skin

Although there's no way to turn back the clock, taking proper care of your skin can certainly slow down the aging process. Products high in vitamins A, B, and C seem to defy the laws of time. Vitamin A increases the skin cell regeneration and rejuvenation process, improving the tone and texture of your complexion. Vitamin B prevents pigmentation and illuminates the skin. Vitamin C assists in skin repair while increasing the production of collagen and elastin. Protecting your skin from UV rays with 100% SPF is another essential step in preventing premature aging. 

Step 1: Protect your skin

Protecting your skin is the first and most important part of preventing premature aging. Sun is the leading cause of skin damage. While it's impossible to completely rectify the adverse effects of sun exposure, you can protect your skin from further deterioration with SPF products. 

Step 2: Wash your face daily

Washing your face exfoliates dead skin, unclogs pores, and encourages skin regeneration. We recommend washing your face at least once a day. Generally, before bed is the best time to wash your face to remove the gunk and debris of every-day life, as well as any make up you may be wearing.

If you're looking for a dependable cleanser, we recommend our Rejuvenating Foaming Cleanser, which targets fine lines, open pores, skin tone inconsistencies, and excess makeup.

Step 3: Exfoliate

Although washing your face will exfoliate dead skin, it's only at a surface level. If you've ever tried a peel-off face mask, you know exactly how disgustingly clogged our pores are, even after a good scrub.

Our AHA Power Exfoliant works wonders. It combats, wrinkles, pigmentation, dehydration, and of course, dead skin cells. The AHA Power Exfoliant should be applied twice a week for two minutes after you've just washed and dried your face for the best results. 

Step 4: Moisturise

Moisturising is a part of protecting and maintaining a soft, youthful complexion. A good moisturiser will hydrate and illuminate your skin. It should prevent cracking, peeling, and sun damage.

Our Rejuvenating Day Cream with SPF is a skin-loving daily hydrator that will also protect your skin, thanks to the SPF. Two pumps of the Rejuvenating Day Cream should be applied every morning to your freshly-washed face and neck.

Step 5: Treat Your Skin Before Bed

Night time is the perfect time for skin care. You don't have to worry about products smudging off throughout the day or interfering with your make up. It's also a wonderful way to relax and unwind before going to sleep.

Applying two pumps of our Rejuvenating Night Treatment every night before hitting the hay is essential. The Rejuvenating Night Treatment is loaded with ingredients with the holy trio of vitamins with anti-aging properties, A, B, and C. 

Step 6: Serums, serums, serums!

A face serum moisturises skin, but it isn't necessarily a moisturiser. They're an oil to rub into your skin after washing your face. Serums can also serve as a great make up primer.

For anti-aging, we offer the Vitamin A CorrectorVitamin B3 Complex, and Vitamin C Serum.

  • The Vitamin A Corrector exfoliates skin at a cellular level, reducing fine lines and wrinkles. It also balances the overall tone of your skin. 
  • The Vitamin B3 Complex leaves your skin clear and radiant while honing in on fine lines, wrinkles, reducing redness, sensitivity, and broken capillaries.
  • The Vitamin C Serum is the ultimate skin protector, containing 25% pure Vitamin C. It will give your complexion and unbeatable glow by smoothing out wrinkles and reducing excess pigmentation.

Step 7: Face Masks

Finally, face masks. Most masks should not be apart of your daily routine. Rather, the face mask should be applied once a week or saved for special occasions. There is an ocean of face masks available for all skin types, textures, and concerns.

Our Dermal Face Lift Mask will give your skin the treatment it deserves. After completing your daily cleansing routine, apply the mask and relax with a cup of tea and an episode of your favourite TV show for 30-minutes. Allow your skin to fully absorb any remaining serum.

Aging is inevitable. Sun exposure, gravity, and sleep deprivation all lead to mostly irreversible damage. However, protecting and caring for your skin can prevent unnecessary trauma. From SPF to the holy trio of vitamins with ant-aging properties, A, B, and C, these seven routines will keep your skin radiating with beauty and youth. 

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