7 bad habits that may be causing your acne and how to get rid of it

7 bad habits that may be causing your acne and how to get rid of it

No one wants acne, especially as an adult. You may have a skincare routine but you still find yourself fighting against blotchy, red skin and a few, or many, pimples. But why do you have acne and what can you do about it? Well, there are a number of reasons why you may have acne prone skin. It could be the products that you're putting on your face, it could be internal or perhaps you're not doing enough to cleanse your skin.

Here are some of the most common habits that contribute to acne, as well as several ways to achieve clear skin.

Why do you have acne?

  1. You're putting the wrong products on your face

You may be casually using products that are clogging your pores without realising it. The ingredients that may clog your pores are referred to as "comedogenic." Some of the most common comedogenic ingredients that may be in your skincare products are lanolin, algae extract, certain oils such as almond oil and fatty acids. Try products that are non-comedogenic or oil-free.

  1. You're touching your face too much

It's quite easy to touch your face too often. However, when you touch your face, you may be getting bacteria on your skin that can clog your pores. See if the areas of your face that you tend to touch or rest your hand against are the areas that tend to get the most acne. This may include your chin, cheeks and nose.

  1. You're sweaty and not rinsing your face

When it's hot outside or you're exercising intensely, it's easy to sweat. You may not even realise that you're sweating. However, it's best to rinse your face periodically throughout the day when it's hot or humid, as well as after a workout.

  1. You're washing your hair after washing your body

Think about whether acne is affecting your body, such as your shoulders, back and chest. If this is the case, then the cause may be your hair products. It's smart to wash your face and body last, as shampoo and conditioner residue may be clogging your pores and causing acne.

  1. You're scrubbing your skin too hard

You may think that you can scrub your acne away but cleansing your skin too harshly is not the answer! Put aside the intense scrubs and give a gentle foaming cleanser or gel a try.

  1. You're washing your face too much

In the same vein as washing your skin too vigorously, you may be washing it too often. Overwashing your face can strip your skin of too much oil and compromise the skin barrier function.

  1. You're feeling stressed and not doing anything about it

Stress is another cause of acne. Blocked pores can be caused by your hormones as a reaction to stress. If you find yourself experiencing breakouts during periods of stress and worry, then try being aware of these feelings and combating them. Schedule time for self-care activities, such as yoga, and time with friends.

How to get rid of your acne

You may be wondering how you can get rid of this acne and change your acne prone skin. Well, we have a few suggestions for you:

  • Wash your face more gently. Instead of using harsh scrubs, try a gentle foaming cleanser paired with a chemical exfoliant or peel.
  • Get LED light therapy. This kills the acne-causing bacteria on your skin using therapeutic wavelengths of light energy.
  • Do not squeeze active acne.
  • Use a professional peel, such as lactic and TCA. These are available in a variety of strengths and free your skin of the congestion that causes and encourages acne, thus making your skin smooth and soft.
  • Try skin needling. This treatment helps to minimise the look of the pitting and scarring that can be caused by acne.
  • There are many reasons why you may have acne but there are also many ways that you can fight it. If you want clear skin, try our suggestions and you'll be fresh and glowing in no time!
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