5 Common Spring Skin Issues ( How to Deal with Them)

5 Common Spring Skin Issues ( How to Deal with Them)

Spring is generally a wonderful season, as new life emerges after winter and warmer temperatures make spending time outdoors more enjoyable. But the change in seasons can also bring about some spring skin issues. If you find yourself dealing with any of these issues as you start to enjoy the spring, here are some skin care tips to keep you feeling your best.

Acne Breakouts

If the warmer weather makes you sweat a bit more than normal, you might see an increase in acne. And it might not be limited to just your face--acne can strike in other spots, too, like your back. You might need to upgrade your daily cleaning routine with a high-quality cleanser, and make sure you're regularly washing your pillowcases and bedding with non-irritating laundry products.

Contact Dermatitis

Another downside of more time spent outdoors: more contact with plants that can irritate your skin. Contact dermatitis can include mild reactions (like a minor rash after sitting in grass) to more extreme situations like poison ivy or poison oak. The intensity of the reaction varies from person to person, and can depend on how long you were in contact with the plant. Mild irritation can be soothed with a good restorative skin product, but more intense reactions might require a doctor's visit. 


Eczema can be a challenging condition to manage, and changes in the weather or exposure to irritants can lead to more flares. While each eczema patient may have a different treatment regimen, a key element to managing eczema and preventing flares is keeping the skin moisturized. A good penetrating moisturizer can be part of daily eczema management, along with avoiding triggers. You can wear long pants or long-sleeved shirts to prevent contact with grass or other plants.

Insect Bites and Stings

Another necessary evil of spending time in the lovely spring weather: you may find yourself the target of biting or stinging insects. Some people have mild reactions to common pests like mosquitoes, while others may get large rashes or welts. Most insect bites can be managed with over-the-counter anti-itch remedies or antihistamines. Keep the bite area clean and avoid scratching to prevent infection, and wear insect repellent to prevent bites in the first place.


Allergies to pollen and other common springtime triggers can cause discomfort, and along with the runny nose and watery eyes, they can actually lead to skin problems, too. Rubbing your eyes constantly can irritate the delicate skin around them and lead to redness and inflammation. A replenishing skin product intended for the eyes can help soothe the irritation and keep the area moisturized. You might also try wearing sunglasses to stop yourself from rubbing your eyes.

These springtime skin issues don't have to get in the way of enjoying the nicer weather and spending time outdoors. Pay attention to your specific issues and find a spring skin care routine that works best for you. Australian Skin Institute products can help you protect your skin, prevent dry skin and other issues, and treat any irritation that does pop up.

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