4 skin conditions you can treat with a Dermal Roller: Part 1 - Acne and Body scarring

4 skin conditions you can treat with a Dermal Roller: Part 1 - Acne and Body scarring

Imagine you have worked really hard to follow all the right steps and skin advice you have been given to clear your acne, only to be left with acne scars which can really affect your self-esteem. This is a very common concern we hear post-teenage acne and right through to your adult years.

Unfortunately, acne scars can remain for a long time even after your acne breakout is over. Acne scarring can include:

- uneven colour and skin tone

- pitting

- depressions

- indents on the skin

If left untreated, acne scars can worsen and potentially last a lifetime.

If you’ve tried over-the-counter products to no avail, you might consider microneedling to get rid of your acne scars.

Microneedling (also known as collagen induction therapy) is highly effective at reducing acne scarring, body scarring, hair thinning, fine lines and skin texture. 

The underlying action of this treatment is to stimulate a natural reaction in your skin to produce more of its own collagen and elastin. As well as releasing growth factors to start a rejuvenative process. This allows the skin to break up scar tissue and heal itself.

So how can you benefit from micro-needling for acne scars?

If you plan to do it at home, first you'll need a derma-roller—a drum-shaped device with a handle and teeny-tiny stainless steel needles sticking out of it that usually come in sizes between 0.25 and three millimetres long. 

After cleansing your skin, you gently roll them over your scars, and as you do, the needles penetrate the epidermis, creating itty-bitty micro-injuries that stimulate this collagen process. The procedure is gentle, painless, and doesn't break the skin.

Performing this treatment 2 -3 times a week will result in lighter and brighter skin. With an increase in collagen production, you can expect faded scarring, plump and hydrated skin.

We recommend starting on ASI's 0.25mm Dermal Roller and progressing to the 0.75mm Dermal Roller.

To make the treatment even more effective, you can combine it with the appropriate serum

After you're finished rolling, you can put any of the following products on as an intense treatment infusion:

-Vitamin A: Will help with scarring, aging and all over skin renewal. Vitamin A exfoliates the skin at a cellular level to encourage the production of collagen and elastin.

-Vitamin B3 Complex: Enhances skin clarity, hydration and illumination. Boosts collagen and elastin.

-Vitamin C Serum: Targets fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, scarring, uneven skin tone, and age spots. Vitamin C Serum will boost skin clarity, brightness and all over skin glow.

-Pure Hydration Concentrate: A potent cosmeceutical concentrate loaded with pure Hyaluronic Acid and restorative Vitamin C. Replenish and boost skin with the ultimate hydration. An ultra hydrating treatment.

-Purifying Hydration Mask: This mask will absorb impurities, toxins and excess oils, while allowing oxygen and beneficial minerals to fill and hydrate the cells. Perfect for oily skin types! If you have oily skin you can sleep in this mask overnight!

-Dermal Face Lift Mask: Reduces the visible signs of aging on the entire face and ensures 24 hour lasting hydration. An instant wrinkle filling, rejuvenating and plumping effect is provided by boosting collagen, elastin, and hydration.

*0.75mm Dermal Roller should only be used by advanced skin care users, can be used as either a face roller or body roller.

*Do not Dermal Roll on active acne, clean roller after each use by running under hot water.





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