3 reasons why you need the Vitamin C serum in your daily skincare routine

3 reasons why you need the Vitamin C serum in your daily skincare routine

The ASI Vitamin C serum is a potent cosmeceutical serum with 25% pure Vitamin C! It is a targeted treatment for the skin, taking your skin results to the next level!

  • It is great for anti-ageing & strong antioxidant

Vitamin C is renowned as the ultimate ingredient that is clinically proven to reverse signs of ageing. Topical application of Vitamin C helps in the formation of collagen and negates the effects that free radicals have on our body. Ultimately, it helps in maintaining firm and naturally youthful skin. Use twice weekly as a treatment to keep a youthful and glowing skin!

  • Helps against free radicals & sun damages

Free radicals are the “baddies” that cause our cells to become dysfunctional and make us age faster.

Free radicals come from different sources but mainly sunlight (UV) & pollution.

Vitamin C Serum is recommended to use in the morning to create a powerful protecting barrier from UV damage and environmental aggressors, however, you can also use as a night treatment as free-radical damage continues to affect your skin overnight.

  • Helps treat pigmentation & uneven skin

If you’re struggling with pigmentation issues and want to minimize sun spots, Vitamin C is exactly what you need.

Our highly-concentrated Vitamin C Serum encourages skin cell formation and rejuvenation, breaking up dark spots and dull skin tone as a result.

This means you’re left with a brighter and luminous complexion.

Vitamin C also helps prevent new dark spots from appearing by fighting the formation of concentrated melanin patches.

The serum will act as a gentle exfoliator and help erase surface marks while smoothing your skin at the same time. Experience skin radiance like never before!

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