10 reasons to swap your scrub for a chemical exfoliant

10 reasons to swap your scrub for a chemical exfoliant

Have you ever wondered why cosmeticians and dermatologists lay so much stress on exfoliation? Exfoliation is the process by which the dry and dead cells on the surface of your skin are removed with the help of scrubs, peels and gels. It helps in accelerating the fading process of acne marks, skin abrasions and hyperpigmentation while cleansing the pores. Your skin's natural exfoliating capacity becomes slower with age. So you need to give it an extra boost to reverse the process of aging. Exfoliation helps you to achieve that.

The different types of exfoliants that are available

There are basically two types of exfoliants- physical and chemical. The physical exfoliants have to be topically applied and scrubbed on the face. The chemical exfoliants are acid based masks and peels containing active ingredients which penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin.

Which type should you go for?

This is a question which is frequently asked by many people. The answer issimple:  chemical. Chemical exfoliants are gentler on the skin than scrubs and use minimal ingredients. Scrubs contain ingredients like apricot kernels, walnut shells, oatmeal, salt and sugar. When such scrubs are applied on the skin, they cause scratches and lacerations due to their rough quality.

Physical exfoliants only remove the dry cells and dirt on the surface of your skin. The chemical exfoliants unclog your pores, remove the dead cells on your face, promote cell rejuvenation and collagen formation. A new layer of skin is formed faster giving a youthful appearance to your skin overnight. The chemical exfoliants are fresh and easier to apply and carry out a more even exfoliation than the scrubs.

The two types of chemical exfoliants

The AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) based chemical exfoliants make use of Nanotechnology which means small molecules of glycolic and lactic acid easily penetrate the upper layers of the skin and dissolve the dead cells. This technology helps the Transdermal Delivery System to be more effective as the active ingredients reach a deeper layer of the skin and clean it from within. The BHA (Beta Hydroxy Acids) based exfoliants containing salicyclic acid penetrate into the pores. These exfoliants have a twenty to seventy percent concentration of acids and hence, hasten the process of exfoliation.

You should use exfoliants which are suitable for all skin types to be on the safe side. Using chemical exfoliants twice or thrice a week at night helps in keeping your skin clean and fresh.  

10 reasons to swap to ASI's AHA Power Exfoliation from your current scrub (physical exfoliant):

  1. AHA acid eats away at the dead skin cells like a pacman.
  2. A physical exfoliation uses beads or grains to buff away the dead skin cells, this can cause redness and sensitively in the skin
  3. A chemical exfoliation will kill off any bacteria while also helping to heal the skin.
  4. You should not use a physical exfoliation on a skin with breakouts, as scrubs can spread bacteria causing further breakouts.
  5. Chemical exfoliants help to lighten and brighten the skin while also help to prevent further pigmentation.
  6. A physical exfoliation does not work deep enough to help with brightening or pigmentation in the skin.
  7. A chemical exfoliation works on both the outer and deeper layers of the skin to assist with anti aging, stimulation and rejuvenation.
  8. Physical bead exfoliants are bad for the environment.
  9. A chemical exfoliant is like a mini peel, so you will feel relaxed, refreshed and beautiful after taking the time to treat yourself and your skin!
  10. A chemical exfoliant will ensure your skin is prepped and ready to absorb other products deeper into the skin.
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