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An ASI Dermal Roller device allows you to take advanced skin treatments home. Performing this treatments 2 -3 times a week will result in lighter and brighter skin. With an increase in collagen production you can expect faded scarring, plump and hydrated skin. 

The dermal roller device consists of 540 very fine, diamond tip surgical stainless steel needles that create channels in the skin stimulating collagen production. Skin needling is a new technology that has been derived from ancient acupuncture techniques combined with modern mesotherapy practice

This product is commonly refereed as a derma roller, micro needling or skin needling.

Targets - fine lines, wrinkles, aging, dehydration, congestion, uneven skin tone and texture. 

*Do not Dermal Roll on active acne, clean roller after each use by running under hot water.

Available in 2 sizes:

0.25mm - dehydration, skin tone and texture, premature aging.

0.75mm - fine lines, wrinkles, aging, scaring.

*0.75mm Dermal Roller should only be used by advanced skin care users, can be used as either a face roller or body roller.

Top Tip - after performing this treatment twice a week you can put any of the following products on as an intense treatment infusion.

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