The bushfires burning across Australia are having devastating effects on communities, wildlife, our firefighters and the Australian landscape. So much devastation burning across our beautiful country.

ASI wants to support the fight against the bushfires here in Australia. 

If you are not directly impacted by bushfires, here are ways to HELP.

  1. Donate to the Red Cross who are helping the bushfire victims

Australian Red Cross Disaster Recovery and Relief

The Red Cross supports a variety of efforts such as supporting people at evacuation centres and providing emergency assistance like cash grants to people who have lost their homes.

  1. Donate to the epic volunteers ate the Rural Fire Service

NSW Rural Fire Service

You can either donate straight to the NSW RFS or to your local Rural Fire Brigade to support volunteer firefighters.

  1. Donate to WIRES and wildlife charities who are helping native animals injured by bushfires.


NSW Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service (WIRES) rescues and cares for animals and is seeking donations for volunteer carers and rescuers that are ‚Äúinundated‚ÄĚ with them amid the bushfires.

ASI chose WIRES: $10 per purchased products will be donated to WIRES*

  1. In 2020, be loud in demanding climate action!

Knowledge is power ‚Äď learn more about the science behind our climate challenge and the responsibility that all sectors hold in addressing the issue.¬†

Everyone has the ability to do something to address our climate challenge, but we can all still do more. What will you do?



*This support plan may change over the weeks and months, but our commitment will be continuous and endure for as long as our communities need our support.

For more information about these initiatives and how you can support, please click here.