• Cosmelan De-Pigmentation Treatment & KIT- Professional

Cosmelan De-Pigmentation Treatment & KIT- Professional


Cosmelan De-pigmentation Pro Treatment

 This advanced treatment consists of a professional clinic treatment and includes your on going home maintenance skincare regime.


Cosmelan De-pigmentation PRO treatment is designed to eliminate and reduce dark spots of melanic origin on skin, while unifying the skin tone and enhancing skin luminosity.


Cosmelan De-pigmentation PRO treatment contains an exclusive combination of active ingredients that acts as an enzyme to reduce and inhibit the production of melanin in the melanocyte.


To achieve lasting results and prevent pigmentation from returning, the Cosmelan De-pigmentation PRO treatment consists of two phases, a mask application followed by a home maintenance skincare regime.

Important: Online consultation required by an ASI Professional Skin Therapist. Wear gloves when applying the mask. Only use on intact skin. Do not swallow. Avoid sun exposure for 2 weeks. This treatment is not suitable for those who are pregnant, breastfeeding, trying to conceive, or anyone on skin thinning medication such as roaccutane (currently or in last 6months).